A Light in the Darkness Gazetteer, Part 4 of 4, NPC FOLIOS, PC Folios and Introductory Notebook for New Players

Chapter 13: ALIND Glossary

NPC Folio

Abner- A nobleman of Sasserine. Abner is arrogant and expects to be treated with a certain amount of what he calls “dignity”.


Arvella-The Captain of the Sea Wyvern. Arvella’s ship was sunk by Sandurkan and her and her remaining crew and passengers were captured by the Ata’uh-un and used as sacrifices to The Seeker in exchange for His protection.

Benedict Lemure

Billius Barnum-Billius works extensively with the King as he has a passion for wild animals. Billius is tasked with the ecology and husbandry of discovered species.  He was killed by the Tyrannosaur he had brought for the Grand Arena celebration after Battle of Heroes from the Northern Frontier.

Bishop Belloran– A somewhat too authoritarian figure in the Realm.  Belloran is the Keeper of the Flame. 

Captain Eminides

Commander Luger: A former Hero of the Realm.  Luger is the chief General in Borindin’s army. It is well known that Luger would like to see the King institute a more martial form of law during the latest threats to the Kingdom.

Calyssa: The chief librarian to the King.  Calyssa is wise for her age and knowledgable too. She is often called upon to help with the discoveries made regarding the past.

Candice the Counselor


Captain McQuaid– A half-orc of ill repute but surprisingly loyal and knowledgable personality. McQuaid is an adventurous seaman who is as fearless as he is washed out.

Chief Archeologist Duher– The primary assistant to Lord Borindin in his never ending quest to discover the knowledge of the ancients and what happened during the END DAYS war. Duher often works in collaboration with Calyssa and Malorus to build or engineer new technologies from old discoveries, especially those that will benefit the protection of Cellinor.

Ding and Dong

Elora Moonshadow and her daughter Elirana– Elora is the daughter of the leader of the Blue Elves. Her rescue by the Dark Lanterns could be a boon of promise between them and her wondering loved ones back home.

Genoris and Genoran– The two sons of Borindin. Genoris is a mage who seeks the knowledge that Borindin seeks, while Genoran leads his father’s people in battle. Both are beloved by His Majesty and adored by the citizens of the Realm.

Greasy Grelda-Proprietor of the Rusty Sabre, Greasy came to Cillandar after the Loyals near destroyed her bar in Carr Theris tracking down a lair of Wererats.

Furol- A gnome of incredible curiosity, Furol is an archeologist from Sasserine who has been a part of a failed expedition to the Isle of Dread before. Furol carries a journal of unknown codes that only he seems to be able to understand.  With it, he is navigating his way through the Serpent’s Passage with the party.

Hank the Sun Tanned-A pirate and oft timed construction worker, Hank the Sun Tanned was instrumental helping the Loyals get information about the Harpers Lair.

Jadus-The Reverend Mother of the hidden society of Shielded Mothers in the South.  Jadus and her sisters were captured, while diverting attention from the Southern Adventurers in the While the Cult is Away adventure.  The party watched a group called the Volists spill her blood.

Karina-the Shielded Mother who traveled with the Southern Adventurers in Ironfang Pass. Karina sacrificed herself for the party.

Katz- A minotaur freed by Maria during the first Challenge of Champions. Katz is now a Dark Lantern in search of the Treasure Vault of Kasil.

King Borindin-A king larger than life, and legend. Borindin is himself the Bearer of the Light for the people, and as such is a lightning rod for the events of the realm.

Malorus the Mage– The King’s primary arcane research assistant.

Melancholy– A bar maid who spent the night talking in her sleep with Casseopia.

Meninalus the Old-A Halfling man who spent the majority of his life shielding and protecting those around him as best he could from the horrors inflicted on them by the Dragon.  Meninalus’s last stab at his tormentor was using two orbs to aid in the Children’s escape, orbs that should have been turned over to the Dragon long ago.

Scragga and his Minions- An adventuring group of some fame in the Kingdom, Skragga attempted to subterfuge the Loyals attempts to win the Challenge of Champions but he was unsuccessful. Skragga was eaten by the Tyrannosaurus after the Battle of Heroes.

Skald-An elf traveling with the colonists to Farshore. Skald is a man of few words but takes a leadership role when called upon.

Shufflebine and Carruthers

Sisopon-The Elven youth of excellent Charisma who could not face the idea of change.  Sisopon convinced a dozen or more of his brethren to stay in the Dragon’s Tomb, sealing their fate and deaths.

Tuatha Ulrecht


Vanoa and Umlat– Two leaders of one of the tribes of the Isle of Dread.  Umlat is Vano’s speaker as he has taken ill and elderly.  Umlat rules in a terrible time for the tribe as their Isle has been under siege by slavers, “The Searchers” and now an Undead Contagion as well as a rising sahuagin enemy. 

Vano-The leader of the Ata’uh-un hunters, Vano’a is the man given to Ulua.  He believes sacrificing the colonists and the adventurers is the only way to keep his tribe safe from both the sahaugin and an ever increasing number of slaver ships.

Ulua-The princess daughter of Umlat- Ulua was rescued just before being fed to the hungry Xhellac deep in one of the Sahuagin Fortresses on the Isle of Dread.



The Angry Hangman- The ship that the party traveled across the Eastern Sea on.  The Hangman was subsequently sunk once Sandurkan learned of the party’s history.

The Blue Aluene-The river that feeds the city of Cillandar.

Carr Therris- A city on the Western Frontier.  Therris is situated on an ancient site where a vast network of sewers lies under a vast collection of ruins adjacent to a large lake.

Cillandar-The capitol city of Cellinor. Home to Lord Borindin.

Soveriegn Star– The star that dominates all others in the night sky. The sovereign star has been brighter as of late.

The Fair- A yearly event in the Southern Valley where many would-be adventurers get their start.

Illuine, Oriphisa, ad Demori-The three moons, which all cross the same area of the night sky but rarely are seen together.

Flame– Refers to the Sun, and the coalescences of energy used by the Silver Flame Clerics to heal ad perform other divine powers.

Olo’rahn-The name for the Ata’uh-uns of the God responsible for all energy on the land.

The Path of Light– The religious following of the Blue Elves.

The Undying Court– The ancient members of the elven elite who serve as Advisors to the Green Elves and their leadership.

Iggwilv-The lesser of the three traitors.  Her sign is the first concentric circle and when Illuine, the smallest of the moons is at it’s zenith, she is said to be in her most powerful form.

The Darkening- An ‘event’ of unknown origin or meaning that seems to have precipitated the End Days War. Current trends in climate and astronomy are on a countdown to what seems to be another Darkening.

End Days and End Days War- A period lasting perhaps several hundred years where good and bad are believed to have fought a war that eliminated civilizations in both the Light and the Dark. The remaining few were believed to have been bereft of knowledge or dignity and both good and bad are in a race to gain power and information before the other does.

Far Realm-A colony on the Northern portion of the Isle. 

“FOR THE SAKE OF ALL”  A term found scratched or emblazoned on shields and other equipment discovered by the party and other “archaeologists”.

Fort Ogrehead- A station at one of the ends of the King’s Highway where the frontier is always generating issues with the SHIELDS.

Gulgol and Sherserakshen– Two Colossal Ancient  Dragons, one said to be defeated by Borindin, the other said to be the Ancient Guardian of the Treasure Vault of Kasille. 

Keeper of the Flame-The individual responsible for being the conduit in which the Flame is transferred from it’s divine source to the people.

Ketians-Believed to be a group of evil intent, the Ketians are surrounded by mystery and superstition.  Everywhere one turns, it seems as though the Ketians are to blame.

Sasserine– An advanced nation from the West where slavers and other colonists are from.

Serpent’s Tail and Serpent’s Maw– The entrance and/or exit to the passage through the transverse mountains from the North to the South of the Isle of Dread.

Shielded Mothers-A legendary group of woman said to be both conduits for the Gods and tremendous warriors in battle.

The Silver Order– The religion that Borindin brought forth from his father’s ancestors and gave home to on The Mount in Cillandar.  The Silver Order is known universally for it’s healing miracles, and for it’s nurturing of the idea of worship for the many, not for a god or an “idol”. 

The Southern Valley-An area that is highly secured by many SHIELDS from Cillandar. The Southern Valley grows nearly all of the food needed in Cillandar, Cellione and Carr Perrin.

TsoCanth-An ancient city believed to be the location of many of Iggwilv’s experiments which subsequently have popped up in many of the party’s encounters (ie: lycanthropes, harpies, Chrossus the Chimera, Dragonborn, Warforged).

Celn/Cellinor– The Known Realm as it is called by it’s inhabitants and subjects of Lord Borindin.

Inner Wilds-Those places adjacent to Known Lands that inhabitat mostly benign societies.

The Tower Keep-The palace that Borindin rules from, the highest point in Cillandar.

Thunderbeasts-The name given to the dinosaurs that inhabit the Isle of Dread.

The Flame Mount– A large structure in the heart of  Cillandar that houses the SILVER FLAME and where the KEEPER OF THE FLAME resides. The Flame Mount, sometimes referred to as “The Mount” is the heart of the known religion of the land, THE SILVER FLAME.

Outer Wilds-Places of unknown creatures and flora, the Outer Wilds are places of extreme danger and are cause of many stories, legends, myths and superstitions.

The Unnavigable West- A yet unknown land past the still waters where from time to time rumor comes that a more advanced and perhaps sinister civilization grows while Gallinor tries to keep itself in the Light.

Heroes of the Light- A group of unknown men and a woman who seem to bear lanterns in various imagery in End Days structures.  They appear on magical items, coins, scratched into surfaces and statues are depicted of them.



Radagar-A wizard from the lands to the West, Rad, as he is often known, spent a lifetime training to be a Cleric of the Sovereign Host, but was turned away in a historic ritual that went bad.

ULUA– Princess of the Ata’uh tribe. Ulua’s destiny seemed to be intertwined with the Heroes, however her pain of being used by a variety of forces in her life may lead her to ultimately believe in the party or fail to trust them entirely.

M.A.R.S.- A warforged and mechanical person.  Mars was believed to have been struck down in the tunnels of the Sahaugin during the escape.

Lars- The gnome brother of Mars.  Lars seeks technology to avenge his family’s death and prevent another attack by the mysterious forces responsible in other places they might strike. He is an alchemist whose potions are as good or better as any spell!

Crow-A young boy who stowed himself away on the Hangman.  Crow often helps the party in certain secretive ways, his skills are invaluable in this area.

Sanjaya– A druid from the Isles near the Island of Dread, Sanjaya was captured by Sandurkan after watching him destroy his entire village. His skills are invaluable leading the party through the Isle, even though his body has past it’s prime.

Fritz-A Paladin of the Flame.  Fritz hails from Cillandar and bears a terrible burden and desire for vengeance.  This is at odds with his call to Knighthood.  Something Fritz must decide for himself.

Orlend-A thief captured by Sandurkan. Orlend found himself about to be fed to X’hellac. Instead he joined the party in Savage Tide and has been extremely useful preventing surprises that might lead to disaster.

Malekai-KIA   A soul touched by the darkness and that of the dead.  Malekai seems to be seeking something and it is often obvious that he savors  battle as though it were something he needed.

Glorian– A cleric of the Silver Flame. Glorian believes in the supreme power of the Flame and is often at odds with the strict hierarchy and customs of his Order.

Ian Gabriel– A barbarian who fell into disfavor with His Majesty Lord Borindin. Ian Gabriel has come on the expedition to the East to seek his fortune. He often wades into battle ferociously and is currently the object of the affections of Ulua, tribal princess.

Roscoe Leegallows:


Jethro: KIA


Schultar, Half-ogre Mistress of the Flame






“The Southern Adventurers”

ROMIUS, Cleric (Rob): KIA        Romius was killed by the hag Hyrdzag in the citadel tower. He failed a saving throw which shocked everyone and was crushed mentally by the hag laughing all the time.  He was extremely helpful in defeating the Quori and assaulting the tower.  His death came much too soon.

Loki, Thief: Living        Loki has been instrumental in several key battles.  His lock picking helped prisoners, The Mothers, escape in the citadel tower.

Marska, Mage (Noah): Living  Marska has given many sacrifices to keep the group alive. He collects pieces of creatures he kills for unknown purposes. After the battle with Hyrdzag, he dropped pieces of her flesh below alerting those inside and requiring the group to make a hasty retreat as footsteps began to grow louder from below.

Karina, NPC: KIA Karina was killed by the gnolls and hill giants in the attempt to pass Stonefang’s outer wall.  Her sincerity and concern for the mission were unshakable. Karina was a member of the Shielded Mothers, a group of myth somehow returned to real life. 

GURKIN, Dwarf fighter (Rhett): Living   Gurkin  has been a legendary weaponmaster so far.  He became friends with Squatch, the Tame Ogre, during a battle of strength at the Fair.  Gurkin  usually follows a strict code of doing what is right or at least his interpretation of it.

The Southern Adventurers are currently wanted by his majesty, King Borindin, for rendering services to his majesty accidentally. The King suspects that their disappearance may be work of the Ketian Leadership.

“The Pursued” of The Ruthless Frontier

Buttercup-A sweet dispositioned young lady. But don’t get mad or else she’ll read your future. And you won’t like it!

Wesley-Buttercup’s Sweetheart.  Unfortunately, Wesley could not join us for the first adventure. Instead he has joined up with a group known as the Dread Pirate’s Hobbits. 

The Brothers Angeles and Argus-Angeles and Argus are two twins with a serious appetite for blood.

Winged Paladin-The GriffonMaster met the party and helped Genoran escape.

Fereday-A dark elf with amnesia. Fereday is slowly discovering who he once was, but will he like it?

Splendar the Magnificent and Cindy-Splendar, the Wizard with the quick wit.  Splendar’s illusions are reknowned throughout …well, not that far just yet!



“The Godslayers”

Jasper (Jestre): KIA             Highlights: boots of levitation during the Chrossus battle. Magic Missiles against the Dragon Turtle.  Jasper was killed during Chrossus’s sneak attack in a fire breath attack on the beach in the submerged city.

Thade (Jestre): KIA              Highlights: led the party during several scout missions giving life saving info. sneak attacks on Femorians almost paid off.  Thade was eaten alive by Chrossus in his lair on top of his treasure trove.

Madascawa (Noah): KIA     Madascawa deliberately attempted to subterfuge the party to gain magical knowledge and treasure.  His demise ultimately came when he grabbed a cloak and putting it on was poisoned by it’s magical nature, falling into the watery depths of the submerged city in Tsojcanth. 

GENO (Tyler): KIA              Geno was severely injured by Crossus the Chimera. He was found and saved by the party. He helped in the final assault on Iggwilv’s vampire in her inner sanctum but was killed by a chain lightning spell.  Geno took a puncture wound to the face which often earned him the nickname “Assface”. Geno was saved by Laetis who subsequently killed the dreaded bodak with a  mirror.  However, later the vampire Iggwilv destroyed him with a powerful chain lightning spell. His pet slug escaped the Inner Sanctum hitching a ride on one of the surviving party.

Laetis (Jestre): LIVING          Laetis is best known for his double attacks and deadly accurate bow.  He has felled several beasts from a distance saving several lives. His quick thinking and ingenuity ultimately saved the party and killed the Bodak. Although Laetis fell asleep during the Dobbleganger ambush, something felt wrong with him.  He subsequently saved the party from certain doom by waking up several of his companions just in time.  Laetis, it is guessed, has sniffed out the King’s possible identity, at least in part.  Declaring the “branding’ to be a mistake and a discredit to the Realm, he left for purposes unknown prior to the party entering the Cult’s compound and their subsequent capture.

Cathartic (Sam): LIVING    as KRO BIHT SU     Cathartic’s healing is becoming legendary. His spells are often used to ensure the party’s success in a dire combat situation.  His armor and  shield make him a tough opponent to take down. He is currently the wielder of a cursed sword which seems to take joy in casting illusions at just the wrong time. Cathartic has made a deal with several demons in order to remove himself from his cursed sword (in keeping with his diety’s wishes).  Unfortunately, in so doing he has ultimately changed his appearance, his demeanor and his powers to that of a warlock. He has become a tormented soul who seeks answers and a return to the way he was while hungering for power and a thirst to punish those who did this to him. Cathartic AKA _________ was nearly killed during the Ketian ambush.

Hockenbrecht (Rhett): LIVING   The party’s wand toting mage has taken many chances during the Lost Caverns mission. Hockenbrecht has often been in the middle of danger but has luckily survived severe thumpings from trolls, femorian giants and breath weapons from the Chimera. Hockenrecht uses his magic missiles expertly to deal severe damage to foes. Hockenbrecht was the only one capable of clearing his mind during Iggwilv’s powerful charm.  Does this mean he doesn’t like beautiful undead babes, or is he just a badass mofo? Who knows, however, one thing is for sure, he knows his dispel magic spells! Hockenbrecht’s fireballs and fire powers have greatly improved and were indispensable in the Ketian ambush. Hockenbrecht caught the immediate attention of Inn-Keeper Greasy Grelda and was able to survive a direct assault by wererat mages who believed he was in possession of the party’s loot.  Nearly dying by means of the sewer trap gauntlet the wererats had prepared, he was able to survive with the assistance of his friends. He is currently quite interested in the tomes of Iggwilv which he has been studying since leaving the caverns.

Flemin (Rhett): LIVING       Flemin is a dwarf with a vast repertoire of skills including engineering. Responsible for repairing boats and discovering the trap that could have first ended the party’s mission, Flemin is more than just a battle-axe swinging fighter.  Flemin has a rough sense of humor and is now eager to use his new weapon, a deadly battle-axe of dwarven make which hates undead.  Flemin attempted to save Geno when the Inner Sanctum collapsed, nearly killing himself in the process. Flemin is currently MIA after staying behind at the camp. UPDATE: Flemin was able to fight off several minions in Del Lentios mansion, enabling Maria to untie griffons, mount the flock leader and find the party they suspected would be in danger. UPDATE: Flemin is now the Governor of Carr Perrin, and perhaps, a source of safety and help the party can count  on.

Maria Gray (Noah): LIVING      Maria is the life partner of Lessa Summers.  Whenever Lessa is in mortal peril, rest assured Maria will be at her side.  Maria is responsible for saving the life of Flemin and others during the Dragon Turtle attack.  Without her quick ability to attack from afar, the party would be a lot more vulnerable. She is often sent as a scout. Maria remained at the campsite with Flemin relunctantly and is currently MIA. UPDATE: It was Maria who used her thieve’s grappling ability to release the grip of the dragon which had grabbed Maria and Flemin at their campsite.  Tumbling after the fall, she even was able to save a dying Flemin after his fall administering potions.  Maria rode Steelfeather, the griffon flock leader over the river Andule, saving the party from a likely death by waterfall.

Lessa Summers (Noah): LIVING   Lessa is the life partner of Maria Gray.  Lessa is a thief, whose curiosity is only matched by her desire to spend quality time with Maria.  Lessa has often been able to sneak up on prey, but to date has not dropped a killing sneak attack blow. Perhaps, soon. Like Maria, Lessa seems to have a caring streak in that she has sacrificed her safety for others in the river crossing and during the Dragon Turtle attack. Lessa survived in the armpit of the Iron Golem during it’s fall and was used by Iggqilv to lure the party to it’s doom.  Lessa was nearly killed during the Ketian ambush. UPDATE: Lessa was instrumental in the town of Carr Perrin thwarting both a murder and saving the lives of party members including Casiopeia who would have likely drowned without her.  Lessa was captured by the wererats for a time and currently enjoys many forms of cheeses. Lessa enjoys games of Spottle and long rides on griffon back with her life partner, Maria

King’s Mage/NPC : Later became known as Geno. The king’s mage is devoutly subservient to his majesty. He knows the danger of the mission and seems to have knowledge of the urgency with which his majesty requires the treasure of Iggwilv.  He seems to have become traumatized by the ordeal with the chimera, Chrossus, and has indeed lost an arm in the assault making his spells longer to cast at times.  He is happy to join the party and affirms your abilities with nods and admiring talk

Casiopeia, Deva Cleric (Yaro): LIVING.  As the parties only cleric, she was instrumental in keeping the party healed during the Ketian Ambush. UPDATE: Casiopeia does not appreciate wayside stations along the king’s road, nor the company that is housed there. She considers herself a very devout follower of the Silver Flame, not one of the so called vigilantes who have been taken up with administering the Flame’s justice lately.  Casiopeia was saved after a fireball nearly destroyed her forever by a member of the party with an extra potion of healing. Casseopia’s influence has grown tremendously, and may become the next Keeper of the Flame.

Mustakakrish (Justin) LIVING: Dropped serious damage on the Dobblegangers.  Uses a variety of battle cries including the soon to be famous “In your face!”.  UPDATE: Musta, as the DM often likes to call him because his name is long, is hard to steal from.  He and Hockenbrecht often use tactics like hiding the party’s bag of holding from the DM.  Mustakakrish is never afraid to administer a lethal blow believing that justice is often best served at the end of his weapon.  Mustakakrish made it his personal mission to kill the Wererat Lord, Greyblade, pushing and pulling him around like a rag doll right in front of his true love’s face.  As a dragonborn, he often takes heat from locals, but you’d never know if it bothers him or not.

Kro Bith Su, Sam/NPC LIVING and In CUSTODY, Released as PC to Zach:  The cleric Cathartic turned Warlock became a tiefling trying to rid himself of a cursed sword that he felt made it troubling to commune with the Flame.  Vrath is looked down upon, and regarded with suspicion whenever he steps foot in any civilized door in the realm.  Vrath is instrumental in the parties battles, often dropping controlling style spells on unsuspecting villians and making them do what he wants.  Vrath is in a constant state of torment or confusion tyring to ascertain what demon/force has changed him.  He’ll want revenge and will knows that it’s too late to go back to the way he was, but never too late to exact the justice he once believed in as a servant of the Flame.

Katz- NPC RELEASED INTO LESSA’s CUSTODY: The minotaur Kaz was captured by Gallinor and brought to the Battle of Heroes arena as a monster.  He became the loyal follower of Maria Gray, who sacrificed her place in the Battle of Heroes to ensure his freedom because she saw a creature of pride and glory.

Vexlan-A paladin of unknown origin. Vexlan has come to the realm in search of something, but only he knows what that is.  So far, he has been both loyal and helpful to the party.

Scrunch, KIA : A warforged fighter who often waded into battle, Scrunch was instrumental in many battles as both a Light and a Loyal.  He was killed as part of the ultimatum that Iggwilv made once she realized the party had the upper hand with her.  Killed by the banks of the Aluene, his powerful weapon destroyed, the Lanthorn dimmed, and luckily Scrunch’s body was recovered by the party and returned to Cillandar with ceremonial honors for the dead, kept in statis for perhaps a resurrection.

Retharan-A mage who received tutelage from both Hockenbrecht and Moralus, the King’s Mage, Retharan was killed by the Mind Flayer Pod which used Zargon the creature as a vessel to capture slaves for the Ketian Leadership.  Retharan knew he was about to be killed in a manner that might have resulted in his capture and slavery and allowed himself to drift into the folds of unconsciousness, forever.


The LIGHTS” His Majesty’s Service

Scrary (Noah) Living: Scrary is a thief of unknown origin.  He has been observed in several instances serving his own purposes around magic and treasure.

Krom (Justin): Captured/Unknown   Krom was captured after the party was able to obtain the plant in the fountain.  He shares a common brotherhood with his distant half-orc cousin,

Bearclaw.  Krom’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he trusts in his party’s loyalty to rescue him and bring him back to the known realms.

Shawna (Yaro): Living   Shawna is the pary’s cleric of the Silver Flame.  She is not sure about Soren and his new God Abar.  She oftens talk to him regarding philosophical matters but has yet to see any divine intervention that she attributes to a more powerful being.  Her healing zones are legendary.

Hyperion (Tom): Living  Hyperion is a drow mage who is in search of ancient lore, history and is most curious about how the Old Time ended believing that what happened once may happen again.  Hyperion often shoots magical missiles first and asks questions later.  He attempted to play “Queen’s emissary” until a powerful dragon arrived and made him think otherwise.  Hyperion is confident, but never afraid to bend a knee to a dragon.  Hyperion is retooling for the rescue of Krom, but wants to take a trip by Calyssa, the king’s librarian to ascertain a few things about the land beyond the portal.  He also plans on entering the Challenge of Champions gladiator competition to test his knowledge against the best mages in the land.  He knows that dying is inevitable, but that knowledge for the sake of civilized people’s  last forever. This is his cause.

Bearclaw (Rhett): Living  Distant cousin to Krom, he knows that rescuing Krom is more than a wish, it’s a duty to a more primitive side of his being.  Bearclaw doesn’t mind foiling people, as he allowed himself to pretend to be a servant of the Queen’s emissary.  Nonetheless, Bearclaw lives to strike down foes and relishes the thrill of battle.

Sorgan (NPC): A person of controversy.  Sorgan considers himself a servant and voice of the God, Abar.  A God that is as yet unknown to most of the civilized or uncivilized world. He has made enemies with members of the Silver Flame with his claims.

Soren (NPC):Soren is the paladin who receives visions from an unknown “God” named Abar.  These visions have so far proven fruitful, leading many to believe that Sorgan may be the first true prophet of a God in the New Time.


Into the Wild Character Folio:

Bolvist-The outcast, the rebel, the thief.  And the hero.  No name suffices, because Bolvist was never interested in names. He was interested in taking heads. 

Mesilla-The Great Witch of the Wilds. Mesilla began her adventuring career as a farmer working the fields around Haven.  A simple elf, with a  passion for living creatures, she was caught up in the siege of Haven, and the rest is history, or is it?  Mesilla, became one of the Lords of Alpha, and so much more.

Taryn-Taryn First, and Taryn Last. The great hero, the Ranger of the Wilds.  Taryn rose to fame by destroying the immortal orc in the Battle of Haven. His deeds grew until he was branded and became a hero to more than one land.  

Jasper the Monk-Always seeking Balance, Jasper brought light to the darkness of the world.  Literally.  Jasper wasn’t sure who he was, until a great day of sacrifice. He rose to power wearing the same robes that he began with, for thus did he live.

Doromir (The Exploromir)-A Mage with an exceptional ability to sleep and hide, Doromir was an adventuring soul who often got caught up in the adventurers doings.  His many involvements are outlined in the Canon of Into the Wild

Felix The Mage-Instrumental in the Battle of Carr Alpha, it was Felix who defeated the Great Beholder.

Malcolm, The Knight: Always virtuous, always true to the realm, Malcolm aided the heroes, just whent they needed him most.


Light in the Darkness Monster Folio

Encountered Villians, Adversaries and other Creatures of the Realm

This is a collection of some of the major monsters and adversaries of the various groups encountered so far. As always, if you’d like to author a section, add or delete, just do so and email it back to me.

Abraxas- The Sea Dragon.  A member of The Six, seekers of the Key. Confidential

Ata’uh-un- A tribe of the Isle of the Dread. They pray to Olo’rahn.  The Ata’uh-un live in a relatively safe jungle in the southern part of the island, however, they are often at the mercy of the Sasserine Slavers and/or the Sahaugin forces.

Beast of the Outer Wilds: The Beast is a creature of infathomable size which has been tracking the Dark Lanterns for some time.  Of unknown origin, it’s told in tales by the drunk in bars in the Eastern provinces.

Bodak: The bodak was the embodied collection of hundreds of cursed souls in the submerged city who delighted in torture, and worship to advance his power.  The Bodak was destroyed by Laetis the ranger who cleverly used a mirror to cover a companion’s eyes and thus reflected it’s death gaze back upon itself.

Carussa Darqueaux-The slave ship run by Cervantez De Leon-Sandurkan.

Celeano-Elder Sister of the harpies stationed at the Log Crossing of the Aluene. Celeano refused to give Streven the Mage over to her broodmaster, Gorteroptex, and instead carried him away to some unknown fate.

Ceres-A creature disgustingly mixed with fly, Ceres was one of MELF’s Milfs. However, she displeased him and was turned into her current form by forces unknown. She has been protecting a portion of the key these many years, but has been relieved of duty. Thanks to the Savage Tide heroes.

Cervantez De Leon-Sandurkan- An elegant and slick slaver from Sasserine. This man of refinement (as he likes to think of himself)  is responsible for the capture and torture of many a tribal man, woman or child. He also single runs the slave ship that captured Sanjaya and Orlend.

Del Lentios: Governor Del Lentios is the bragadocious ex-governor of Carr Perrin, sister city to Cillandar.  His involvement in a plot to kill the Loyals was discovered as was his lycanthropy as a Wererat Lord.  He is currently at large. 

Dragon Turtle, Tarserus: The Dragon Turtle was a silent being of immense power that used the submerged city of Tsojcanth as it’s lair.  Waiting in the depths to ambush it’s the party from below, it was a powerful predator.  The dragon turtle was destroyed by the Loyals after it nearly dragged several of them to their death. 

“The Dragon”:  A former elven Lord who accidentally stumbled across ancient knowledge, The Dragon devised a plan to keep himself around long after Death.  Constructing a hidden Laboratory and deciding on a place for his tomb where he could enact his plan, The Dragon became a Dread Wraith and used Night to capture and ensnare his prey, forcing them into servitude to do his experimentation and continue his research on an Ancient Battle Site he discovered while still alive.  The Dragon was slain by the party after he killed their Cleric. 

The Dragon’s Son, a Mummy Lord.  Nameless and inhumane, the Dragon’s Son chose willingly to follow his father into the afterdeath.  A creature of the utmost cruelty, The Dragon’s Son took revenge for his father’s being slain at the hand of the party.  By using powerful spells he killed several children the party were protecting and fought a last stand in his father’s Laboratory.  His death signaled the Ticker to begin it’s countdown and heralded the end of the Villainy under the Dragon’s Tomb…

Durgeron:  Durgeron was an elite dobbleganger spy working with the Ketian leadership.  He was often sent on missions behind enemy lines into the Cellinor lands to subvert Celn dealings.  Durgeron set up a nice little ambush for the Loyals in which the dobblegangers pretended to be Ketians and the Ketians pretended to be Lights.  The ambush nearly caught the party off guard, until luckily Laetis awoke just in time to save those who had fallen asleep.  Durgeron was dispatched as was his whole company.

Elder Brain and it’s Pod-This collection of 13 mindflayers was and is in service to Iggwilv, enslaving members to become “Ketians” as well as collecting the worship of many to feed her factory and it’s machines and workers.  The Elder Brain was able to TPK the party and taking them into custody subsequently gave them over to Gulgol for dispatching.

The Formorians, Hassleburn and Frumple: Giants so large that the party slept underneath them in their cave after killing them.

The Guardians AKA “The Watchers”-Three colossal statues with silvery eyes which watched the Children around the clock. The Guardians were 60 feet in height.  When the Ticker was activated the Dark Lanterns got into gear and began to rescue the Children from below up in the lift.  However, as the Guardians came to life and moved towards the last load with arms outstretched, one of the slaves, Meninalus the Old, sacrificed himself, sealing the cave in on them and himself.

Glenivere: Leader of the Harpies wing, Glenivere uses a stunning beauty to lure would be travelers to their doom in the river Aluene.  However, the Dark Lanterns saw through her illusions easily.

Gorptoraptex- Haremkeeper of a particularly nasty flock of Harpies which patrol the Eastern Wilds for the Ketian Twins, Manyara and Naivasha.

Greyblade:  Greyblade and his mate Retha were uncovered in their plot to steal slaves/villagers from Carr Perrin and send them south on a river barge to unknown lands.  Greyblade, a clever wererat Lord grew in power with dozens under his command by sabotaging the local thieves guild.  His underground sewer lair was full of nearly every conceivable trap.

Krogu-Beings of the depths, newly risen. The Krogu are a frightening race able to charm and use the energies of the Lighted Races for their own power.  The Krogu feed off the psionic power possessed by Lighted races until that energy is spent. The Krogu are one of the first inhabitants of the lower realms encountered by the party and give evidence to how disgustingly vile these deep dwellers are.

Harpers– A group thought to be dedicated to peace and prosperity for the realm. Relying on information from Genoran, the Loyals dispatched the entirety of it’s upper echelon in command…accidentally.

Hyrdzag-A Night Hag, in command of the Ironfang pass for forces unknown (suspected to be Ketians or Blood Cultists). Hyrdzag destroyed Romius the cleric with her death gaze, but was subsequently destroyed by the Southern Adventurers.  Hyrdzag’s body was completely destroyed and scattered over the top of her citadel tower.

Iggwilv– A major player, and  Deity, Iggwilv apparently became a vampire.  She nearly charmed the party to her will, but was subsequently defeated by the Loyals.  Evaporating into purple mist, it may be that she was not completely destroyed. UPDATE: Iggwilv returned with renewed power chasing the party to a deserted cavern.  Iggwilv attempted to regain the Lanthorn but was subsequently defeated.  Before escaping, Iggwilv warned of a Darkening Time to come and killed a member of the party Smudge. UPDATE: Iggwilv was destroyed as the first Moon came into it’s Zenith during the Darkening. Casseopia took her place in the Silver Flame becoming a deity, and subsequently destroyed Iggwilv’s soul. 

Crossus: A chimera of legendary power, Kronnos killed Thade by eating him alive and Jasper the mage through her breath weapon.  Kronnos is believed to have been a creation of Iggwilv herself, and was killed by the Loyals pleading for her life on the banks of the submerged city.

The Mockery-Genoris’s body was recovered by Iggwilv and turned into a sad mimicry of his Father.  Genoris became a hideous Dread Wraith.  He was quickly dispatched by the party, his false scepter and crown falling to the sand as what was left of his essence drifted into oblivion.

The Muse-Iggwilv’s Muse, a vampire Queen of astonishing beauty and seductive horror was among the group tracking the party down along the Aluene. Using her powers of charm and spider like ability she nearly carried off one of them, but was struck down.  Nonetheless, her ashes were recovered by Iggwilv, who it would seems, thinks most highly of her.

Queen of the Yuan-ti: This incredibly powerful being was worshipped in an unknown land that the Lights were portaled to in an attempt to locate a cure for the plague. While passing through to the arena where a presentation in her honor was to be held, she was killed by the Lights, in an attempt to discover the herb’s origin and destroy an enemy without more of her aid nearby.  Unfortunately, she was so well guarded that only her death allowed the party to end the conflict and take her place as the worshipped.

Quori: A being of insectlike but otherwise unknown origins kept by unknown cultists in the Southern valley.  The quori was destroyed by the Southern Adventurers in their first foray into adventure.  A larger quori was later witnessed in a ritual within Ironfang pass, but it is unknown whether or not this quori was alive or dead.

Retha– Greyblade’s mate.  Retha witnessed the death of her Lover at the hands of Mustakrakish and Casseopiea.  It was her traps in the sewer that nearly killed Hockenbrecht.

Sherserakshen- Confidential


 Malenti-The shark headed leader of the Southern Sahaugin forces stationed at the Isle of Dread. “The Malenti” was responsible for tracking down the party in Savage Tides after they rescued Ulua.  He is thought to be responsible for M.A.R.S.’s death in the tunnels in their lair.

MELF-A wizard supposedly of once good intent, MELF was transformed into a mummy when he refused to allow evil forces to gain control of his workshop.

Primordia– Primordia is the mage Malorus’s cat.  Once the Shields were turned into minute creatures magically, Primordia went on the hunt, as big as an Ancient Dragon to them.  Luckily, the party was able to drug her to sleep just long enough to escape with Dylan, a man lost for 3 decades.

Thunder beasts-The name given to large reptiles on the Isles of Dread

X’hellac-An Darkened being on malevolent power. Like the quori, X’hellac as well as his other Krogu breed, are rising to the surface world in areas of extreme heat, feeding of the life force of those who they charm to do their bidding. X’hellac was killed while still in his returning state, but did destroy Curdly the Cook of the Angry Hangman.

The Devourer– More like a trap than a beast, the Devourer is used as a vessel of sorts by Mindflayer Pods which rule deep in the Earth.  However, now that the end days approach again, and the signs point to a Darker time, A Devourer was encountered in the Sandy marshes outside Cillandar enslaving other humanoids.  The Pod used a psionic power to keep an illusion of a Cult in the mainstream, and took in many followers, feeding Iggwilv’s ranks and their own greed and power and lust too.

The Necromancer

The Twins

Shee En

Cardinal Bellock

The Immortal Orc and the Immortal Orc Mummy


“The Dragon” Alorus


The Great PUDU





Chapter 14: New Magic and Monsters







Magical Items


The Seven Lanthorns of Iggdrasil

The Sword of Kasille

The Staff of Tiresias

Fortress Bag


New Monsters


Reanimators: Reanimators are powerful demons which use the hosts of others to house themselves in.  Reanimators can enter the will of any beast or humanoid they can conquer.  The more powerful the reanimator, the more powerful host they can assume.

Spirit Shadows: Spirit shadows are shadowy reflections of their original host.  These shadows can be sent out by their host in order to do their bidding. They assume a form similar to their owner which would tell their victim whom has sent them. However, as these creatures are silent and deadly killers, it is usually too late once they strike.

Collectors: A collector is a savage and collosal beast used by the Ketian leadership to gather victims on the surface.  The collector tunnels through the earth with it’s massive body and penetrates the ground.  It then opens it’s maw wide and uses it’s many tentacles to collect the bodies that are brought near it.  There are sometimes collectors that escape their Ketian captors and wildly attack locales independently but these are rare.  Normally, the collector is satiated with a portion of their collection, while the rest of the victims are siphoned off to be used in the manner Ket deems.  Depending on the age of the beast, their mouths can widen from between 5 meters, to 50 meters!

Wings of War: The Ketian wings of war have only been seen on the battle field a handful of times.  Their wingspan is up to 20 feet in length, and two large legged talons grapple prey or hold it down.  Inside where the middle of it’s body should be, a large mouth extending vertically houses massive teeth.  Once the wing of war wraps itself around a victim, it uses a slippery fluid to stun it’s prey and then devour it.  Even worse, the wing of war does not appear to be a natural beast, in fact, those few that have been examined after battle appear to have been ‘sewn’ together pieces of other animals, possibly humanoids as well. These pieces appear to then have grown together into something altogether new, with a disgusting sole purpose to enrapture their prey and consume them right on the battle field.

The Blighted: Horrible to behold, savage and ruthless, pale, sickly and insane.  These are the words that the few Celn soldiers who have witnessed the Blighted of Ket have reported when Inquisitioned.  They appear to be human, or elf, or even dwarvish, sometimes as orcs or goblins.  But there is something lacking.  A soul.  The blighted do not speak, they do not rest, they attack mercilessly as if driven by an internal power source.  Like the undead, the blighted are unthinking, uncaring. Yet, unlike the undead, the blighted have a soul, albeit a tormented one. They are calculating, smart and wicked.

But the blighted’s most hair raising feature, the reason they keep Celn soldiers up at night is what has been done to them.  The blighted have all been “worked” in some way.  Some soldiers have told of plunging a sword into one of their bellies only to feel the concussion of their bodies blasting outwards at them.  Others report seeing several Blighted chained together in an effort to take down an important leader on the battle field, without any regard to their own live

Arach-nash: The Ata’uan of the Isles of Dread claim that a creature exists who lives in the seas of unparalleled horror.  According to legend, the Arach-nash is an immense monster that searches and prowls the shorelines looking for intelligent life. Using a variety of magical lures, the tribesman tell stories of men lured off to the water’s edge where they are quickly taken.  But this is where the tale becomes most scary. According to the stories, the men are not killed or eaten, but integrated into the Arach-nash’s body.  One terrible tale describes the beast as a tentacle villain with a vast mouth, and littered along it’s slimy skin is the legs and arms of several men who have not yet been fully consumed into it’s body.  One tale even suggests that the creature uses these men to breed.

The   -These tiny scavengers are small, crustaceans that live in and around tidal lagoons.  Within their body cavities is a large balloon like pouches that can expand up to 12 times their body size.  Because food can be scarce, and when available often found by larger predators, the   has adapted to move the food into it’s pouch. It will then crawl into fissures and cracks deep into the reefs with it’s meal. They will consume an entire body, and keep it in their digestive sacks, living off the proteins and nutrients there for months, sometimes years. 

Dragons, Chromatic

Other Magic




A Light in the Darkness

Player Notebook


  1. Brief Description and Basics for New Players


  1. Glossaries and Folios of ALIND Vocabulary, Settings, NPCs, Monsters, and Current and Former Characters


  1. Basic Materials for New Players from the Gazetteer


  1. Character Creation Sheets, Pre-rolls, Background Example





               A Light in the Darkness

By Thomas Courtney

Copyright 2009

Special thanks to the following play-testers, who helped bring to life this story, through game play:

Play testers: Rhett, Noah, Nick, Justin and Yaro Trujillo, John and Zach Henley, Robert Ekorn, Joe Shwartz, Luke, Pierre, Chris, Andy Knight, Walter Christianson, Barry, John Jackson, Philip, Glenn, Mandy, Brittany and Ben, David and Jesse, Tavish, Leif, Michael Berberick, Anthony Prokop, Marcus, and Landon

“For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be shown.” John 3:20

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur Clarke


“A man’s character is his destiny.”





PRE-SESSION ROLLS                               Character:__________

For each section roll 3 times.

(Don’t forget to add modifiers)                                   Roll Number

Roll before session begins and apply all modifiers, then give to Thomas 1 2 3
Stealth, OPPOSED vs. PASSIVE/ACTIVE Perception of possible ENEMY      
Active Perception (when on “watch” or the like)  


OTHER (Any other rolls that Thomas deems is secret to you. These rolls will be opposed by anything’s skill check that is unknown to you.)      







PRE-SESSION ROLLS                               Character:__________

For each section roll 3 times.

(Don’t forget to add modifiers)                                   Roll Number

Roll before session begins and apply all modifiers, then give to Thomas 1 2 3
Stealth, OPPOSED vs. PASSIVE/ACTIVE Perception of possible ENEMY      
Active Perception (when on “watch” or the like)  


OTHER (Any other rolls that Thomas deems is secret to you. These rolls will be opposed by anything’s skill check that is unknown to you.)      





PATHFINDER  CHARACTER CREATION QUICK WORKSHEET: Here is a helpful guide not unlike the one the government gives you to do your taxes. Chances are, you’ll still find it a pain in the ass, but then if it wasn’t complicated, it wouldn’t be a table top RPG would it?

Player Name:_______________________           Character Name:_______________

Steps:                             Work Space:

1. Choose party category. Circle the one you’d like to play


Tank: Will you be the main defender to hold back the enemies?

Controller: Are you a wizard type who handles larger problems and area affects?

Healer/Leader: Will you handle diplomacy and care for the wounded?

Investigator: Are you a thief or other sly character who wants to scout ahead?

2. Choose CLASS, RACE and NAME. Class ___________( pages 31-83   ) See GM if you’d like a class not available in the core book.

Write all class bonuses here:



Race_____________(pages 21-27 )

Write all the race bonuses here:



3. Roll abilities. Add any race or class benefits


Roll 4d6, 6 times, choose the best 3d6 in each. Write the results below. Add modifiers from race and class benefits, then assign to whichever ability you wish. You may re-roll 2 of the lowest d6 rolls in any of the 6 rolls.


_____    ______   ______   ______   ______   ______


4. Find starting gold for your class on page 140. See DM.   Starting gold/equipment notes:


5.Purchase equipment.

*See appendices.


Starting equipment:


Special* See DM.



Remaining GOLD:

6. Calculate Armor Class and Saving Throw Modifiers AC  = 10+armor bonus+shield bonus+Dex modifier+other modifiers

Below, find your base save bonus in Chapter 3 per your class chart, ability modifiers and feats or special from race/class etc.




7. Calculate Base Attack Bonus, CMB and CMD Base Attack Bonus:Find in Chapter 3 per your class chart ______


CMB=Base Attack Bonus+strength modifier+special size modifier

Med=0, large=+1, small=-1


CMD= 10+Base Attack Bonus +Wisdom Modifier =_____




8.Calculate SKILL points and assign. 1. Assign ability modifiers to all appropriate skills first.

2. Calculate the number of skill points you have to assign.

See Table 4-1 on page 87, Remember you get a  +3 on all skills in your class, in which you put even 1 rank.



*Humans get 1 extra skill rank per level

*You may take 1 extra hp instead of 1 skill rank if you are level in a favored class.

9. Choose FEATS See page 112


Write your feat notes here (Don’t forget to adjust AC or HP or whatever above afterwards)






10.  Choose SPELLS if applicable  

Chapter 10 in Core Rulebook, also see the number of spells in Chapter 3 under your class section.  See DM about number of spells total for house rules.


Record all spells known here:


How many spells of this total can you cast per day? _______ Circle spells readied/memorized above.

11. Character HP Roll for it! OR, take the middle number +1 Ex. If you get 1d6 per level, you may take 3+1 or 4 hp instead of rolling.
12. Calculate Initiative Modifier Dex modifier +other modifiers=_____Bonus to Inititiative
13. Record SPEED Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings= 4 squares, 3 in heavy/medium

Most other humanoids=6 squares, 4 in heavy/medium

14. Record all weapons.  
15. Create a character background.  


See Delorus

16. Make a copy for both you and the DM, if possible.  

*We are using the MEDIUM SPEED experience table

2000xp per character needed to attain Level 2

5000xp per character needed to attain Level 5.

Make sure someone in the party keeps track! J



During combat, you may take:

  1. Standard, Move, Swift and Free action(s)


  1. a FULL ROUND ACTION +Free Action(s) +5 foot step (if allowed)
  2. 2 moves (but not including a 5 foot step) and a swift action





*Roll d20 and add CMB.

*Compare the result vs. the opponent’s CMD (DC for check).

*See sections below for result, or check page 197-201, or DM discretion

Accelerated Climbing MOVE ACTION

*must pass a climb check at -5

*may climb half your speed

Aid Another

Requisite: must be able to make melee attack against opponent that can make melee attack against friend.


Make attack roll against AC 10

*friend receives +2 to next attack or +2 to AC

*effects may stack with multiple friends

Attack of Opportunity IMMEDIATE ACTION

*You may take only one per round.

*You may make a basic melee attack vs anyone in a square you threaten which triggers an AOO.

*See sheet for which actions provoke an AOO.

Bull Rush

Push an opponent back without doing harm.




*Initiatives an AOO unless you have Improved feat.

*+2 to Combat Maneuver check as part of charge.

*Success=push back opponent one square, one more square for beating CMD by 5, 2 more for beating CMD by 10.

*Pushing back enemy does not initiate AOOs against them unless you have Greater BullRushing Feat.

Cast Defensively STANDARD ACTION

*make a concentration check (DC 15 +double spell level) to avoid AOOs

*Success, cast normally with no AOO

*Failure spell is lost.


*Move up to twice your speed and attack.

*You must move at least 2 squares.

*If you move less than one move action, you can draw weapon as well.

*no 5 foot step

*Make Attack or Bull Rush (see above). Attack at +2, -2 to AC until next turn.

*Must stop in first square adjacent to target.


STANDARD ACTION only on your turn?

*Make one move action, attack. Not allowed to draw weapon.

Counter Spell Free+STANDARD

*Identify spell being cast with DC 15 +Spells Level. If success, then..

*cast same spell in range and cancel. Dispel magic can sometimes work, see page 208. If you use dispel magic, you do not need to identify the spell.

Coup de grace

Strike a deadly blow to a helpless target.


*provokes opportunity attacks

*must be adjacent to helpless victim

*automatic crit, but creatures not succeptible to critical hits are immune to a coup de grace.


*provokes opportunity attacks

*crawl 5 feet as a move action


Hold your turn until later in the round.


Change your initiative order until the spot you want.  That will be your new spot for the rest of the encounter.





*provokes opportunity attack

*If attack is successful, opponent drops one item it is carrying (one handed or two)

*If attack beats CMD by 10, opponents drops items in both hands.

*Fail by 10 or more, you drop item in hand.

*-4 to this unarmed, but if successful, you may automatically pick up item.


Improved feint let’s you do this as a move action.


*Make a bluff skill check (DC=10+opponent’s base attack bonus+wisdom modifier)

*Make your next melee attack against opponent without opponent’s Dexterity bonus to AC

Fight Defensively FULL ROUND ACTION

*-4 penalty on all attacks for a +2 dodge bonus to AC until the start of the next round.


*step one square avoiding attacks of opportunity

*can only take one 5 foot step in a round

*cannot take a 5 foot step if you move any other distance

Free Action Examples: Cease concentration on spell, drop an item, drop prone, speak

Wrastle with an opponent to hinder his/her weapon options.




*provokes AOO

*If you do not have 2 free hands, -4 to combat maneuver roll.

*As initiator of grapple, you or enemy may release as free action.


*Each round you must HOLD grapple with new maneuver check CMB+5 vs. CMD

*As part of successful check you may do one of the following as a Standard Action:

Move, Damage, Pin, Tie Up

See page 200 for more details

Grapple, Multiple Creatures SPECIAL

*Multiple allies can attempt to grapple one opponent. The grapple check is made by only one. However, every ally wishing to help can give a +2 to roll by Aid Another ability.

*Others can assist with Aid Another giving the ally a +2 to undo grapple on check.

Hold the Charge (Touch Attack option) *SPECIAL

If you activate a touch spell, or spell like effect and miss, or wish to hold it until you are adjacent to target, you may until you hit.  You may not cast any spells while holding a charge.

Move Action Example: Move your speed (# of squares),sheathe or withdraw your weapon, take a five-foot-step, climb, crawl, swim, etc. You may take 2 movements in one round (foregoing your standard) or may run as well.

Attempt to move through an opponent’s square(s).

Improved Overrrun feat=no AOO




*target gets attack of opportunity

*success =move through target’s square

*success by 5 or more, target knocked prone.

*failure=stop in front of target

Immediate Action Examples: many effects or spells like Fighter combat maneuver powers, or feather fall spell, or attacks of opportunity.
Ready an Action *SPECIAL

*You can determine a trigger and ready any action even on another player’s turn.

*For rest of encounter, you take new initiative order.

*You can take 5 foot step as part of this action, unless your readied action is movement.


*may not take a 5 foot step in addition to running.

*Move up to quadruple your speed IN A STRAIGHT LINE.

*Move up to three times with heavy armor.

*lose dexterity bonus to AC

Shoot/Throw into a Melee *-4 to hit enemy when they are engaged with ally in melee.

*-2 if two size categories larger

*no penalty if three size categories

Skill, Use in Combat STANDARD or MOVE or SWIFT or FREE

*roll a skill check with any modifiers at DM’s discretion

*Success = perform the skill

*Failure = skill unperformed or other as per DM


*Provokes opportunity attacks

Standard Action Examples: Swing a sword, cast a spell, open a door.

Attempt to damage an item held or worn by opponent.



*Provokes opportunity attack from attackee

*Attack an item, and deal damage to it. If it is brought to 0, you can choose to destroy or make broken.

Swift Action Examples: cast a quickened spell, activate a device, etc.

*Only one swift action per round may be taken.

Throw Splash Weapon STANDARD

*Ranged touch attack. No penalty to attack.

*Success hits target, deals damage and splash damage in 5 foot radius.

*You may hit a grid intersection (AC 5) and only deal splash damage.

*On a miss, roll 1d8 and see page 202 to see where weapon lands.





*Success =opponent knocked prone

*Failure by 10 or more, YOU are knocked prone

*+2 to CMD for every leg past 2 for opponent


*You can leave the space you are in without opportunity attacks against you in that square only.

*You then take 2 move actions and no other actions.




Concealment Concealment

If you hit a target with concealment, roll percent dice. 20% chance of missing (1-20 %) You may make a stealth check.

Total Concealment

Can’t attack. But can put area effect in square adjacent. 50% miss chance.

Cover Partial: Half the body is showing or more, +2 to AC, +1 to Reflex

Total: Cannot make attack against

Improved: +8 to AC, +4 to Reflex

+10 Bonus to Stealth

Critical Fail

A natural roll of 1.

House rules and DM discretion. May depend on circumstance and how well Tom’s wonderful monsters are doing.
Critical Hit

A natural roll of 20.

Roll damage with all bonuses. Then, double or triple depending on weapon type/effect.

Allies are on opposite sides of an opponent.

*Allies that are flanking receive a +2 to attack.

*Other allies not in flanking position DO NOT receive a bonus.

Lethal vs. Nonlethal Damage  




Massive Damage


When damage in excess of 49 hp, also deals more than ½ a creature/character’s hp, the attackee must make a DC 15 FORT save or die.
Mounted Fighting  






Take 10 When not in combat, you may concentrate on a SKILL CHECK.  Take 10 and add all skill modifiers (ability score +ranks +training bonus) or check your pregenerated sheet for total bonus.
Take 20 When you are able to do something 20 times, you may take 20, and have a success, if the task is possible for you.  You may not take 20 if the consequences of your first 19 actions make the possibility of the 20th impossible.  Ex.  I attempt to throw the dagger between the lady’s legs, I’ll take 20!
Two Weapon Fighting *-6 in main hand, -10 in off hand.

*If off hand weapon is light:

-4 in main, -8 in off.

*with Two Weapon Fighting feat:

-2 in main, -4 in offhand


CONDITIONS Effects Quick Reference Sheet, PATHFINDER



CONDITIONS                             EFFECTS

Bleeding *Character takes listed damage at start of turn. *Bleeding can be stopped with a DC 15 HEAL check
Blinded *-2 to AC and loss of DEX bonus

*-4 to Str or Dex based SKILLS

*all opponents have total conealment (50% chance to miss)

*DC 10 Acrobatics check needed to move more than ½ speed

Broken *an object takes ½ it’s hit point total

See page 565 CORE RULES

Confused *automatically attacks anything that attacks it


0-25 acts normally, 26-50 babbles incoherently

51-75 deals 1d8 +Str to self with item in hand

76-100 attacks nearest creature

Cowering *takes no actions

*-2 to AC and loses DEX bonus

Dazed *takes no actions

*no penalty to AC

Dazzled -1 to attack and perception
Deafened *-4 penalty to initiative

*-4 to opposed perception

*20% of spell failure if verbal

Dead *character’s hit points drop to negative CON score or more.
Disabled has 0 hit points


*can take immediate, swift, free actions

*standard action or strenuous action results in loss of 1 hp (DM’s discretion see page 566)

Dying If a character has negative hp he/she must:

Roll a DC 10 CON check.

*Player takes penalty equal to number of negative hp.

If pass=STABLE

If fail, lose 1 hp

Energy Drain *character gains 1 or more neg levels

*if neg levels equal HD, character dies

Entangled *-2 to attack rolls and -4 to DEX

*moves at half speed, cannot run or charge

*must make CONC check DC 15 +spell level or lose spell

Exhausted *moves at half speed, cannot run or charge

*-6 to DEX

*needs one hour rest to become FATIGUED

Fascinated *character watches effect with -4 to all perceptions for as long as effect lasts

*can be shaken free by ally with standard action

*potential threat=new saving throw vs. effect

*obvious threat=automatically ends for char.

Fatigued *can neither run nor charge

*-2 to DEX and STR

*strenuous work causes exhaustion

*8 hours of rest and character is not fatigued

Flat-footed Character who has not yet acted in a round.

*loses dex bonus to AC

*cannot make attacks of opportunity

Frightened (FEAR Stage 2) *must escape if possible by any means including spells. If not possible, may fight.

*-2 to all checks, abilities, saving throws, attacks

Grappled Restrained by creature, trap or effect.

*-4 to DEX

*-2 on all attacks and Combat Maneuver checks except to escape GRAPPLE.

*Use of spell or spell ability must pass a CONC check DC 10+grappler’s CMB +spell level

Helpless *Paralyzed, bound, held, sleeping or unconscious among others (DM discretion)


Attacks are +4 to hit, ranged weapons normal

*Subject to coup de grace if adjacent

Incorporeal *immune to nonmagical weapon attacks

*50% from magical weapon attacks, spells and spell like effects, supernatural attacks

*full damage from force attacks

Invisible When invisible:

*+2 bonus to attack rolls and no DEX bonus for attackee

Nauseated *character may only take one move action per turn
Panicked (FEAR Stage 3) *must drop everything in hands

*flee at top speed random direction

*can take no other actions

*-2 penalties on saving throws, skill or ability checks

*must use spells or abilities in order to flee

*can use Total Defense if cornered

Paralyzed Frozen in place and unable to act

*Unable to do anything but think. No actions.

Petrified *Turned to stone. Considered unconscious

*Any pieces must be held in place during change back to flesh or permanent damage results

Pinned Tightly bound, can take “few” actions.

*cannot move

*no DEX bonus

*additional -4 penalty to AC

*CAN attempt to free itself, use Combat Maneuver or Escape Artist check

*Cast spell must make CONC check 10+grappler’s CMB +spell level

Prone *-4 to attack rolls, may not used ranged except crossbow

*+4 to AC vs Ranged attacks, -4 to Melee

*standing up=move action, provokes attack of opportunity from all those adjacent

Shaken (FEAR Stage 1) *-2 penalty to saving throws, skill checks, attack rolls, and ability checks
Sickened *-2 penalty to all skills checks, weapon damage rolls, ability checks, saving throws, attack rolls
Stable *Was dying but no longer losing hp.

*see page 568

Staggered *can take one move or standard

*may take immediate, swift or free actions

*non-lethal damage to 0 hp exactly = staggered

Stunned *drops everything in hands

*can’t take actions

*-2 to AC, loses DEX bonus

Unconscious *unconscious due to negative hp or non-lethal damage exceeding hp total, or other effect*

*helpless by default

FUBARED* When the party does something really dumb and Thomas’s monsters get to kill them or capture them all for a new adventure thread.

*Special indeed


Character Backgrounds

While you are welcome at the table with nothing more than a six pack of Mountain Dew and some dice, you may wish to consider developing a character background.  Background’s that drive the story best, will most likely be those that fit within the framework of the Cellinor Gazetteer and Basics of the Campaign in this chapter.  You may also wish to know both the Thread and Motivation your party has agreed to begin with. Feel free to consider places in he realm I’ve outlined, or invent your own. We will tailor it together. Once, you have all that, feel free to invent a background that suits the type of character you’d like to play.  Within the CANONIZED tales of our many previous sessions, you can read about the backgrounds of other characters (some are made available in the gazetteer in Chapter 16. Each has added it’s own nuance to our story.  Here’s an example:

Create Your Profile, Change the Story and the Campaign



DELORIUS, Get a Clue

A conversation outside The Rusty Sabre…

As the adventurers saddle up for the trip to find the missing merchant, they were able to make out the slightest of conversations around the stables where their horses were being prepped.  Through the faintest of cracks in the inn’s window, an argument’s beginning drifted in.

“Whatdya mean you’re heading out again?”, a gruff voice demanded. “You came back with wounds so deep it took nearly the whole Flame itself to fix em last time!”

“Rock, I told you…I’m not interested in keeping the family’s business going here in Perrin, I want to travel.  Make it to Cillandar someday!”

“That’s a fool’s errand Loren, your parents didn’t ask me to watch over you so that you could waste your time studying over old tomes of magic from the End Days and who knows what else, not to mention your clothes, and those blasted hats you talk about! I mean Gimli’s Groin, look at this thing on your head lad!” The voice was robotic, as if this was not the first time, or even the second it had repeated these exact lines.

“Rock, I told you. It’s not Loren anymore. That’s not a name I can take on the road, or establish my business in Cillandar with. It’s DeLorius.  It says …“Hey Known World, here I am!”

“Yeah, well, that new hat of yours says that too, as well as a few other things.  For 8 gp you’d think the tailor could’ve put a magic mouth on it to say “Hey World, Here I am!” for you.  Lori, you’re not ready for this. Stay with me a bit longer, learn my trade.  Practice your magic, fine, but the King’s High Way is dangerous son…you know this…”

“I’m sorry Rock.  But, it’s what I’ve been called to do, ever since Mom and Dad…”, a slight cough, “Rock, this is what I need to do. “

A long pause, a short but guttural intake of breath, and then…

“I don’t like it, but I’ll pray the Silver Flame guides you my boy. Follow the Flame’s guidance.    Follow your strengths, and don’t get in over your head.  The Inner Wilds are no place for a mage and his quarterstaff.  And whatever you do, be wary of idol worship DeLorius, it’s powers are still strong.  Only a cult worships something as malevolent as a single host.  You know this…”

And finally, as if with a great accepting sigh, “I’m too old to avenge another …friend.”

A clink of metal and the sounds of feet leaving the mud…the pale figure of Delorius now visible through the small and dirty window you’ve been looking out from.  He looks back in the direction of the dwarf’s voice.

“You won’t have to, Rock. When I make it back, I’ll tell you all about my adventure at the Rusty Sabre.  And when I’ve saved enough to pay the fair to travel with the SHIELDS all the way to Cillandar, I’ll pay for you too.  And we’ll open Mom and Dad’s shop again, right there in the Grand Harbor. You’ll see!”

“We’ll see my boy. ”




The following pages are for your NOTEBOOK depending on the thread you choose.



(The rest of this page is intentionally left blank).



By Tom Courtney


Campaign Thread




By Tom Courtney


Campaign Thread




By Tom Courtney


Campaign Thread




By Tom Courtney


Campaign Thread




By Tom Courtney


Campaign Thread



Tiresias, The Sage


The Following is Secret Lore, Told by Tiresias, Most Respected Sage, and Enemy of the Order of the Flame and the Lighted Races of Cellinor.   Simply hearing this tale is considered High Treason by the Inquisition of the Crimson Order.

An oaken door on rusty iron hinges creaks open.  The slightest hint of various laboratory chemicals meets your nose, the aroma masked by a fragrance of beautiful sweetness, something floral.  All around the room spreads a vast collection of dusty things, and other oddities draped with linens.  Columns of stone rise from the floor to the ceiling, with stern images carved into them of both ghastly demons and creatures of soft beauty in white stone. The room is large, and the ceiling exaggeratedly tall. There is too much to take in, but your eyes fall upon a table placed nearly central to the odd shaped room, it’s top is orderly and clean, and is almost as out of place as is a faint but traceable wild and earthy smell masking the odors of the items held on innumerable shelves.  Seated at the table is a ragged old man in simple clothes, with his head bent low, a shaking quill in his hand.  As you walk forward, his hand stops and he looks up through long, thick golden hair streaked with grey.  His eyes are hidden through the strands, and when he speaks, he does so in a hoarse, yet elegantly fluid tone.

“Welcome. My name is Tiresias.” He then poignantly leans back over his scroll, and completes the line.  Dropping his quill back into the ink bottle, he looks up and this time, you realize that he is blind.

“My friends tell me that you have come to learn more of the past, and perhaps of your future.  Is that so?”

“Well then, we should get started.  We never know when the Inquisition will beat down our doors, now do we?” Tiresias chuckles to himself, and rising slowly and with great care, makes his way with the help of a servant to a table covered in maps, and other parchments scribbled in various signs and other notes. What looks like bones still protruding from rough hewn slabs of earth removed from some hole and brought here rest atop the stacked sheets.  As he walks, his hands glide gently along feeling what must be a familiar route, and they land next to the pile where rests a pitcher. Amongst the fossils, Tiresias gingerly finds the pitcher with trembling fingertips outstretched and pours you something to drink.  He invites you to sit on pillows scattered on the floor.

“Well, then, where shall we begin, my friends….it’s so hard to know when so much of it is…well, what do they know?” Tiresias looks blankly around and with a call from your sponsor, finally in the direction of your host with a patient expression.

“They know nothing, my Lord.  They must hear it all.”

“All? Is that it?” Tiresias smiles, “Well, then, we better pour our drink slowly, and talk quickly. The wine of the Southern Valley’s best orchards is hard to come by these last few months and I fear we won’t have enough to complete a tale of  ALL.  If it’s all for you, then for the Sake of All, we best begin at the beginning.”

Tiresias leans back on a pillow embroidered with the image of a snakelike beast.  A moth flutters up and disappears amongst his many dusty piles of ancient treasures.  “The world was not always as simple as it is now.  It was once, complex. Complex and much more… misinformed, even than you are now.  Long ago, long before Kasil, Mankind was all there was.  The maker, the creator, the thinker, the dreamer.  The user. The slave. Yes, but we were also the Slaver!

You see my goodly Celns, the Order is most correct about many things. Mankind is who made the elves, the dwarves, the Halfs as you most likely call them as well. Mankind was the manipulator of the world.  He changed himself  in order to live longer, to live heartier, to live with less.  He changed the earth to give more to him.  He was invincible, but not….to himself.  He used the resources of the land, and then he overused them.  He destroyed the world, and then he nearly destroyed himself.  But that, was a very, very long time ago. And little of THAT time is known.

We do know that sometime after this ancient destruction, Mankind discovered two very important things, and they would change the world forever. They were not tools of the world, or machinery, but a part of his nature.  Mankind discovered magic, and he discovered true divinity

What’s that you say? Different? Not so fast, children of Cellinor!!  Magic, as Man found, was the manifested, the external will of his being. The use of his conscious mind to do great works.  Far superior to His muscles!  Far superior to “machinery”.  He had hintings of it, but ancient man could not recognize them.  It wasn’t until his tinkerings with Himself that he discovered it’s raw power.  It has always been thus, nothing more. Some can harness it. Some cannot.  Divinity, though, as the Flame will surely tell you, is nothing more than that collected will, meant to do great works to better All. For those who can’t use It, others can. Religion, my friends, is the government of our souls.”  Tiresias’s words echo around the chamber. You find yourself leaning closer, Tiresias seems to sense the looks you share with your comrades.

“Well, then, I can ‘see’ we are getting somewhere with you lot at least….”

“Many a generation passed, Mankind used both Magics and Divine Powers to create the Gods, that’s right! He created the Gods! In this the Order is most ardently correct as well. But Mankind was deceived.  And over eons, as the Liberation Texts tell, He forgot who had created who, and his worship left him a slave to the will of vast and powerful beings.  Beings which arose from the leaders of the time, as Lords of Man, Gods. The Immortal Ones!

And in this time, with his new powers he began to work the land for the betterment of his race. Governed now by his WILL, his Gods manifested. But power breeds more power. He then created those who could serve his will, to do the “dirty work” as we say.  Other races who could harness this power did the same. Some for benign gain, and others for the taking of it. Thus the age of Kasil, was a time of Glory. A time of harmony and beauty on Gaia for those in the Light at least.  Mankind lived in harmony on the surface, achieving great things, building incredible monuments, but not all were happy.”

The old sage pauses and uncorks a bottle of The King’s Grapery.  Selling for 12 gp a bottle, you are sure to answer when he asks if you’d like a glass. “This is the finest vintage of the last several seasons. I enjoy it with leisure, yet somewhere, South of here, dozens of hands sweat and toil to bring it to me in this manner.”  A young servant pours the rich red liquid in your cups.

“To your health, Celns.” Mutters Tiresias, who after a long, slow pull, places his cup down upon the table and resumes his tale. “And now to blasphemy of the most highest!”

“For as long as Mankind has been on this good earth, Gaia as it were, He has possessed slaves of one form or another.  And in the time of the Golden Era of Kasille, it was no different.  Mankind discovered the resources of the deep earth.  And he needed slaves to bring him his ‘leisures’. But, no slave can be given the power of the master. Thus, slaves worked the great machines of the earth, deep and down into the very heart of this world, but they were not given the gifts of magic as man knew.  Over millennia, they changed, they adapted.  They lived without the surface light, and in fact they began to thrive without it. Unbenownst to Man, they worshipped their own Gods. Beings who in the same likeness of power, grew into immortals themselves.  Some developed their own sense of magic.  Their gods were different.  They were, like all gods, made in the image of KET, for that is the name they gave to their world. They were vengeful and industrious, nefarious and cruel. They were made in the image of the creatures that made Them, just as The Four were made in the image of you, goodly Celns…

“I am sorry my Celn friends, but Ket is most real. And it is most nearer to you then it has been in four millennia.”

But, let me complete my tale. Below you now, mighty Erebus stirred then, the great Capital of the Underworld, land of Eternal Darkness, set to work against the Kasillians and her neighbor races.  And in the mechanisms of their affairs beneath us, they found a way to change the very fabric of the surface world.  They could not live in the Light. But they COULD bring Darkness to us.  Great floods.  Upheavels and earthquakes, the very shift of the world, so that the surface would be a place for them to dwell.  Many died.  It was the end of the most beautiful Era we know of. If you call this time of slavery in one form or another, beautiful of course…”

“But something happened that these “Ketians” had not expected.  Mankind made a discovery.  In their hour of need, just as your Liberation Texts warn you friends, they learned of the nature of the Gods.  And they set about to cast off their own chains.  This part of the Liberation Text is most accurate.  The Kasilians learned that the Gods harnessed Their power. And once Mankind knew this, He wanted it back. Especially under this dire threat.

“The Flame will tell you all of this.  They will tell you that a great battle was waged against the Gods, but not with KET.” Tiresias moves a hand towards a small pile of scattered parchment pieces.  Many of their edges are burned as if they had been saved from a fire in some catastrophe long ago.  An invisible force brushes the tubes aside as a skull emerges and sails into his outstretched hand.  Horns protrude from it, and enough of it’s skin clings to it’s bone to reveal that it was once the head of an orc. 

“The Order will tell you that this creature is simply a figment of the land.  That it simply is, as other creatures are a product of their world.  But further investigation reveals this isn’t so, my friends.” The skull floats closer to you, willed by Tiresias’ magics and rotates so that you can see decaying and shriveled up cartilage of it’s ears.  “This is an orc, cousin to the smaller goblin races. You see, goblins live to tunnel, they build grand highways in the shadowy places and are not suited to the light.  In fact, they were created that way. They are much older than orcs.  Mankind wanted goblins to slave in the deep, to bring them precious minerals, but a good slave should never enter the Master’s house and so He made them ill-suited to the surface world….But this orc, now this is far more robust isn’t it, and far more difficult to take down let me tell you.  Look at it’s cranium!  It is a creature of war. It hungers for war.  It breeds to make war, and it waits to hunt in the night, to roam on the surface before the dawn comes.  It was made to serve Mankind in a time of great need.   It is a weapon.  But, by far and away it is not Mankind’s greatest weapon.  No….”

Tiresias’ tale is interrupted by a bell that echoes in the chamber.  Several plates of food are brought in.  Tiresias reaches out and finding the dish, begins to eat as he continues on. As he begins again, he gestures for you to eat as well.

“And now you all know the rest, good Celns. Do you not?  You’ve all sat at Riften Nacht and heard the Temple Mount’s sermon.  How the Three rose and were struck down by the masse. How the women do suffer that eave? How the Flame harnessed the power, the power that had once been reserved for the Gods, now of the people, how they used it to cast down the Three?” Tiresias chuckles a bit to himself.

You nod, of course.  Every Celn knows this part of the Liberation Text by heart. 

“Well, of course they did. Except they didn’t give power to themselves as it is written, my lads.  They gave it to the Three!”

‘What?” you hear yourself blurt out.  “Why would the Lighted Races, the Kasilians, give power to the Enemy?” Nods all around.  What an old fool this is. The rest of his story begins to waiver to you. What else has he told you that is false?

“To the enemy?” Tiresias laughs heartily, “My, my, we are good little Celns aren’t we ‘Heroes’? Well, of course they didn’t give it to the enemy!”  Tiresias points to a suit of armor, a dazzling suit behind him on a stand, emblazoned with the Order’s Tree, The Tree of Awakening.

“Tell me, friends, what is engraved on the inside of every suit of armor worn by the Order of Inquisition, The Order of Crimson?”

“Know ye not?  Well let me see if I can help you remember…

slowly he begins to chant the Order’s most well known verse. You find yourself following along. It’s your oldest known nursery rhyme.

“United Light, Mankind’s Might.

Darkened Flame, Mankind’s Shame.

For the Sake of All, We Cannot Fall

In our darkened hour, we grant (ourselves) power.”

“But ye know this verse, don’t you? Of course you do…” Tiresias pauses. “Will you please unhinge the breastplate and bring it here, friend.” 

Stupid old fool you think.  Conspiracy theorists are usually kept to the Inner Wilds, or Outer Wilds even.  God worshipping lunatics. As the breastplate is brought to him, Tiresias holds it out with worn hands and shaking arms.  “Will someone please take this armor and read me the inscription underneath?”

No harm in humoring the old man, one of your party takes the item. “Please, be careful with it, it is very old, and of course, quite magical. In fact, I believe it to be the last of it’s kind, the last of course that has not been destroyed by the Order or kept by them…”

Turning it around, you begin to read the unfamiliar words from the back.  Tiresias mumbles something under his breath, and as you read the old script, you begin to understand it’s translation.

“Light of Me, The Might of Three.

Darkened Flame,  Mankind’s Shame.

For the Sake of All, They* Cannot Fall

In our darkened hour, we grant our power.”

A silence fills the room as odd stirrings in your belly rumble.  If what this man has shown you is true, than everything you thought you knew, is a lie.

“You have been deceived. All of you. The Order must not let people know of their past for the fear of another mutiny.  They must not let the people know of their Darkened History.  They must not let the people think that the Dark could rise again, but again it must, and it will.”


























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