His Majesty’s Service, ACT 1, The Lost Lanthorn

A Lit Flame

10 brave and experienced soldiers, mages, healers and various personnel were selected by His Royal Majesty, King Borindin, to locate at all urgency the various artifacts purported to be among treasure within the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

As you learned, the probable recently discovered entrance or “Horn” will undoubtedly bring Ketians soon and will not remain a secret for long, especially since Ket has been able to infiltrate nearly all areas of the King’s troops.  A major reason why you are so valuable to the king.  Therefore, you embarked on the perilous route south, through the Thorn Mountains in order to get there first.

The king believes that buried deep within the mountain is the last vestiges of a great empire, an empire that is rumored to have “beasts of war”, “wings of war” and all manner of magics that his majesty needs to keep the threats from overseas at bay as well as finally put to rest the Ketian uprising in the South.

How is any of this related to other adventures in the Southern Valley?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure, without a sharp instinct and all of your ability, you won’t make it out alive, as no one ever has.

Session 1 Entering the Horn

Leaving by mule and horse, you navigated the treacherous mountain passes without incident, and came upon the camp that serves as a temporary look out and guard station for the newly found entrance.  Being cautious, your thief scouts realized that the camp had been overrun by denizens of the mountains, an insidious band of trolls who were in the process of devouring the bodies.  

Dispatching the trolls, and setting their  bodies ablaze, a fire began and quickly sent smoke billowing before being doused by the windy peaks and grassless terrain.  You decided to enter straight away.

Coming upon several statues, you ascertained the path you would take and began a careful decent into a passageway beyond.  Looking “over your shoulder” as the riddle reminded you paid off and you were able to deactivate a deadly trap, nonetheless finding yourself sealed within.  Wind gusts let you know the caverns have other, more sinister problems perhaps besides monsters.

It didn’t take long for you to come across giant holes spaced throughout the cavern.  Battling several large cave morays you found an avenue and strategy to move beyond.  After doing so you stumbled across a large boulder, a swiftly moving river and the lair of two gigantic formorian giants.

The battle commenced, and although several were wounded, luck prevailed and mages and thiefs were able to dodge certain death blows. 

You now stare at a pile of treasure and equipment, certain you have found something magical and amazing.  Such a treasure must contain some of the artifacts you seek, or does it?  What other clues can you find? How will you progress into the heart of the mountain or will you?  Who will make it out alive?

Session 2: The Submerged City

Thieves and mages, clerics and fighters all worn from battle and wear found the site of the formorian lair to be suitable for rest, but sadly the whisking, whirling winds of the caverns screamed through far too often to give rest to the weary.  The party pushed on, and sent a rogue on a swift water rescue.  Tied to a rope, she was glad she was, for her sure footing found little to be sure of on a slick riverbed.  The thief approached a shape in the dark, and discovered it was a boat stuck in the swirling water and protruding rocks.  Unfortunately, in the boats were the remains of a former expedition, members of the King’s guards who apparently figured they’d enter the Horn and find some and find some quick treasure. Also here, were two mobats having him for lunch.

The party quickly pulled the thief back, but not before she passed a critical save and mages began to use Web and rangers arrows to dispatch the brutes (very nice).

Using resourceful means they navigated to stiller waters, loading into the boat and

soon found themselves on a lake which could only be described as a half full fishbowl to a lost underground city. With monuments and rooftop peaks often scattered above the water line, the lake created an eerie quiet and mystery.  The party began to explore, soon discovering the vastness of the ancient city.

The peace was soon interrupted for the party had unwillingly awakened the attention of the lakes’ most sinister resident, a Dragon Turtle, who capsized the boat and circled back to finish them off one by one.

Making quick and dexterous moves, nearly everyone made it above the water except for Lessa and Marie.  Both were pulled and dragged under, wounded critically, but with sheer force and plenty of magic missiles, the party did get the better of the Dragon Turtle, seeing her sink to the depths of the watery city.

The party had finally found a  resting place, but before going night night, a cleric of some fame in the ranks of the faithful decided he should discover the nature of a mysterious cloak found in the formorain lair, a cloak with a red serpent around the neck region.  Sadly, he woke the snake which bit and poisoned him sending him into the black water and down into the depths.  Of course, as Noah put it “ and as his body descends, flamingo feathers were seen to rise and cascade out in all directions on the surface of the water.”  Although tired from the heat of battle and worn from travel, some in the party thought it not their imagination to see a chariot of the Gods hurtle through the cavern sky pulled by nightmarish skeletal flamingos and pull the freed soul of the cleric to the realm of his new existence.

A shiny hint of light beckons the party to a nearby protrusion on the water, although little else seems to give much evidence to what or where next they should go. 

There is no place to go but onward, and there is no safety there in the Lost Caverns.

Party Experience Awards will be calculated and given at the next session.

Overall, great freaking job of kicking the turtle’s ass and wow Rhett, that is one dwarf fighter with rad armor who is glad he’s got  a good dexterity!

After an extensive battle, the party decides to lay out clothing, light a magical fire and bed down for the night atop a rock constructed roof top.  Lake waves ripple below their feet, and the cavern sounds deathly quiet.  Just before sleep, a scout is sent out to determine what is creating a flickering in the distance. The party discovers a serpentine owl watchful on it’s perch of a crow’s nest which appears to be one of the highest points in the submerged city. Why is it there?

 During the night, uneasiness and superstition begins to creep into the minds of several of the watch.  Finally, Hockenbrecht discovers that the stalagtites above appear to be forming a concentric ring around the party. How could this be?  Using his newly discovered boots of levitation, he inspects the stalagtites closer, but is unable to see anything of note.

 Quickly waking the others up, some have time to prepare just as the “piercers” above aim and descend.  Two are wounded and pulled below both in the sharklike mouths of the beasts.  Both barely escape with help and make their way to the surface.  Another piercer shatters the rocky ledge throwing all into the water.  While the attack subsides, the party finds their way back into the boat, made more flimsy but nonetheless serviceable, by Flemin, the party’s new would-be engineer.

 The party makes a decision to scout the periphery of the city, using the left most cavern wall as a guide.  Not long into their journey, they discover a beach of decomposed granite and land the small boat.

 Thade and Lessa soon discover tracks making their way to and from the water’s edge.  One track is that of a lion. The other is that of a goat. Studying carefully, they notice the tracks nearest the water’s edge are deeply impressed, perhaps two to three times deeper than the others.  Flemin reminds the party of stories he had as a lad. About the dreaded Chimera and wonders if the tracks could indicate one animal, not two.

 Thiefs and rangers are sent ahead to the  top of the cascading sandy beach where a natural sunlight can be seen. The first glimpses of green the party has seen in days appears on a cavern wall through the gleaming light.

 Thade goes in first and comes into a circular chamber, open to the sky, a hundred feet across.  Small shafts of light glare down on the party from above.  30 feet up a cavern mouth is seen, a black abyssal entrance between two house size boulders, below it are green rock gripping vines. Ancient corpses lie below and a dagger’s shaft can be seen sticking in the rock above, surrounded by green vegetation.

 Again, using the boots of levitation, Jasper rises to the dagger’s height and begins to pry it loose, but suddenly he is instantly grabbed by viselike ropy coils which spring out from the wall showering the party below with granite chunks.  A large red mouth begins to inch towards Jasper, as the party springs into action.  Thade comes first to Jasper’s aid firing missiles and Jasper considers a fireball. With the aid of several bows, the man-creeper is eventually defeated.  It quickly burrows deep into the rock, leaving charred roots exposed.

Why are the roots charred?  Why did it pull back? Why are the bodies below seemingly deliberately placed with spilled purses in front?

 Suddenly, a voice erupts from the cavern. Crossus, the ancient one, emerges and wings to the parties breathing fire as he comes.  Many are injured and several are nearly killed. Thanks to Cathartic’s quick healing, they get back on their feet.  Sadly, Thade, taunts Crossus by commenting on his goat’s ass.

 Little did Thade know, however, that Crossus’s youth was spent as the runt of the litter, and that his goat’s ass was often the brunt of many jokes from other chimerii.   Crossus then uses his second round to charge Thade, unleashes his many assaults, and subsequently carries him off to his lair to be eaten alive in full view of Crossus’s treasure trove and the remains of the last king’s party.

 Preparing for round two, the party gets ready and begins to make an assault on the cavern.  Cathartic using augury and Jasper uses his boots to ascertain other caves exist and may present further challenges.  Little does the party know that Crossus is preparing his final secret assault.  He uses his pre-constructed passageways to fly back into and over the lake and landing on the beach behind the party, breathes death upon Jasper, whose sizzling corpse can only cry out in agony as his body is enveloped in flame.

The party then pulls out all the stops and rushes Crossus. In a tremendous last stand, they nearly fell him, and he for the first time shows fear, offering to make a pact with the party and giving them the knowledge that he knows of the king’s plan, and the rebels and perhaps even secrets of Iggwilv herself.

 Nonetheless, Laetis, whose expert arrows had been paining Crossus for the entire battle, has seen enough trickery and he kills Crossus, watching his body fall to the sand in a final breath of evil defeat. (evil defeat!)

 We’ll begin the game with that first.  Crossus was a damn awesome beast, and you guys could have been killed outright. I thought you played well, and really used your best defenses and weapons. I would encourage you guys to use up your expendable items on big fights. Using the potion of invisibility was great. Big fights is what that stuff is for! Crossus’s treasure was astronomical, although paying dearly for it, you inherited a small fortune (that is if you can get it out alive).

Magical Horn:  Function unknown, seems to be runed with drawings of clouds and mist, Blue stone: function unknown, Red liquid potion: function unknown, Battle Axe +3, Dwarven Make: Seems to have other functions, magical properties unknown, Dagger +2 Longtooth, changes from dagger to shortsword during a swipe. Wings of Flying: a set of white giant eagle wings imbued with magical properties, complete with a leather harness to fit a humanoid body, Scroll: cure serious wounds, hold person, protection from undead, Scroll: speak with dead, acid arrow

9000 silver, 7000 gold, 900 platinum, 21 gems (average value 100gp per gem)

You also may divide the remains of the deceased among you, however, several items that belonged to Jasper will need to make a save vs. fire to remain among you.  The bracers are not one of those items!

Session #4 Battle at the Doors

The party awakens rested and ready after a fierce battle with the chimera Crossus.  After scouting a tunnel in the back of the lair, they quickly discover a light and a beach with a set of colossal doors.

After an agonizingly long discussion (did I say that out loud?), they come up with a plan to take the beach but nonetheless most likely save themselves in the process.  The door is examined and the guardians awakened.  Both iron statues turn around and begin battle.  The party focuses fire and soon has only one to contend with (nice work!). 

I would have to say my favorite highlights from the battle were Laetis using the Horn of Fog.  Sorry for the set up Jestre but that one WAS from the module. I can see why it would make sense to use it too.  Luckily, the party’s one handed mage quickly dispatched it with a dispel magic spell.

With a harrowing final stroke, the golem is felled, nearly entrapping Lessa underneath.  She crawls out from the armpit unharmed!

Once the monsters are felled, the party quickly sees their hidden gems in the hilt of the sword and now can see that these same gems may be the key to the entrance to Iggwilv’s domain.

What lies beyond the door?  What happened to Iggwilv? Where is the lost treasure?

What happened to the city?

Session 5: Finale of Lost Caverns: Encounter with Iggwilv (Atropos) and the dreaded Bodak!

         The doors open and the party sees a grisly sight. Ancient ruins lie below a mountain of waste, skeletons and debris collected over the ages.  A crude shrine with a  throne on the top.  Troglodytes are prostrating themselves to their god, the Bodak, whose red eyes glow and disappear.  The party enters combat and takes out the troglodytes pretty quick.  They also survive 3, count them 3, saving throws from the Bodak’s death gaze as he lurks above the walls.  During the fight, an illusion effectively foils the party, but Cathartic uses his wings of flying to grab the sword, which used to belong to the Troglodyte Champion, discovering it’s curse and taking ownership of it!

Then Laetis, sacrificing himself, hides Geno’s face with a mirror. As luck would have it, the Bodak does indeed use his gaze on Geno and even sick freakier luck leads to the Bodak’s demise by his own gaze reflecting upon himself!

         The party earns some treasure items and investigates a tunnel with an ancient digging tool, bodies of wizards hung on the wall, showing massive age and even a possible way outside.

 As the party enters the grand hall, it becomes clear that the hall is filled with the remains of an ancient battle.  Beasts and golems, broken debris.

Frescoes seemingly tell the story of Iggwilv’s rise to power under the mountain. Iggwilv was born the daughter of a powerful king. Her intellect brought her to a place in the mountain where she could put her technological ideas to the test. She began to experiment with enlargements which led to extreme advances in building. The citizens of her worker city began to prosper and soon, Toscanth was a prospering metropolis.  The city’s size required her to block up a river with a dam. Iggwilv continued to experiement creating the known worlds first Chimeri, lycanthropes and even some of the giants.As the party moves through the frescoes they see chambers of glass, indicating a sophistication they have never seen before. The bodies and experiements within peer out from eons of isolation. The frescoes begin to show a decided change under the mountain. Iggwilv begins to dialog with a man from deep within the earth. 

As the party enters the Inner Sanctum they notice the chamber had been barred from the outside but is in disarray.  Peering through the thin glass, they see inside the remains of a dynamic battle, a battlefield trapped in time with bodies and timber lying thrown around.  In the middle under a wondrous lanthorn, is the still body of a beautiful warrior maiden. 

After careful consideration and several scouting missions inside the sanctum, Lessa is confronted alone by the Vampire Iggwilv, who charms her.  Lessa begins to lure the party inside and Iggwilv’s powerful ability allows her to charm everyone but one. Only Hockenbrecht remains in his right mind, saving by one point difference would have been a Total Party Kill.  Holy shit!

After entering battle with themselves and Iggwilv’s guardian the Yegyi, the party begins to gain the upper hand with several barely surviving fireballs and other powerful spells.  Finally, a chain lightning spell ends the life of Geno.  With a powerful final assault, Iggwilv is destroyed as a red vapor indicates her demise.  The party begins to hear the creaking of ancient magic giving way and although Flemin gives  a courageous attempt to recover Geno’s body, he must finally say goodbye to Assface, but not before Geno’s pet slug finds a perch.  The party finds several tomes in and around the sanctum still intact and runs through bodies and logs and bricks while everything is falling.  As they run over the Bodak’s mound and out the tunnel to the mountainside, Iggwilv’s domain collapses. 

What secrets still lie there? Will they ever find out?

What treasure do they now have and how can it help the king?

We will debrief the vast treasure trove you all have taken out of the mountain and update your 2nd edition character. Then, we’ll use a matrix for you to create your 4e character so that you have a certain idea of what level magical items you can have.  Great job working together to survive Lost Caverns.  The Bodak saves, and barely surviving the Charm of Iggwilv was totally rad!!!!


          After navigating a skill challenge to avoid precipices and sliding, the party makes it’s way to a saddle and camps.  A light shines in the distance and in the morning, the party begins the descent in the direction of an ancient ruin visible through the sparce trees.  Flemin and Maria volunteer to stay back and wait just in case.  A body is found lying dead along the trail with a  dispatch to the King informing him that Ketians have overran a nearby fort and that the party expected to come from the caverns could be in danger without reinforcements. The party comes upon a recently used ruin entrance and begins the task of confronting those inside.

          They immediately see a scene of torture, a man being whipped and others jailed wearing the king’s cloth.  Ketians are around a fire.  When the party begins to attack however, the Ketians seem ready! They fire upon two of the party, nearly killing one member while disappearing in the shadows. Battle ensues and suddenly the party is taking out the rebels quickly. However, a pair of the fighters seem to have a special attack of somekind and nearly kill Lessa.  When all have been dispatched, the party frees the King’s Lights and begins to set up for camp.  While the King’s Lights prepare funerals for the Ketians (as is customary! Haha) and offers to stand watch for the party, everyone falls asleep. 

          Suddenly, Laetis wakes up with a horrible feeling and barely saves the party from certain destruction.  It was a trap!  The King’s Lights are themselves the Ketians and they have a surprise lined up.  A huge hellfire scorpion is sent in to dispose of the party and a final fierce battle ensues.  Although several came close to death, the party prevails and learns several things:

          The Ketians were actually dobblegangers in the employ of someone in league with Hyrdzag.

          The Dobblegangers were to kill the Ketians pretending to be the Lights.

          The Ketians may indeed be planning an assault on the kingdom of some kind.

          Flemin and Maria are nowhere to be found. Their camp is made and cleared and all of their gear is gone.  No footprints or tracks can be seen. It appears that they simply vanished off the face of the earth!

There were no magical items found among the deceased.  Great work again, surviving yet another tough adventure.


Letter from the King, Dated 87 of the Known Age…


          As with all correspondences, this message is sealed with magical charms for your protection.

The courier handing you this should be marked upon the left arm in the manner you are accustomed to. Please check immediately before reading further.

Please be careful to avoid common folk as many have come down with a strange illness.  It is vital that you do not languish among them for now. My clerics of the Silver Flame tell me that so long as you ride past these despaired villages, you will remain safe from the disease. I have dispatched a group of Lights in search of a potential cure, but until then, we are at war with the pestilence and many are dying. Perhaps, you were able to recover texts from the ancient city that might benefit our healers.

 Our forts remain disease free, so if ambushed make your way to Cellindor or Cantian. You should use Carn Perrin on your way through the Grande Valley. It is as you know on the King’s Road.  My lord Del Lios there can be used for protection or services, just show him my seal. I have instructed him to permit you to use his griffons to quicken the journey home.  Your horses will be brought up after you. Nonetheless, I would like you to keep a low profile in town and leave for Cillandar with all haste. Del Lios is a man of “consumerism”, do not delay while there.

Word has reached my ears of your success in the caverns and that you do indeed carry with you that which we sought.  It is most pleasing to my ears and I urge you to hurry to Cillandar with all speed so that we may properly secure said item.  Much awaits you here, as you know the yearly Auction of Nedr is underway next week, and our City of Light, Cillandar, hosts the Challenge of Champions shortly thereafter.   It is my wish to make you Champions of the Crown for this event and we therefore need you outfitted as soon as is possible. I know Flemin in particular will be pleased at what we have for him as well as Laedis with the fine tunics brought for the games by the elven tailors we employ from the inner wilds. Cardinal Lentin assures me that Cathartic is to be given a special honor from the Silver Flame. Bradbert Niss has assured me his game of Spottle this year will be most festive.  Consider yourselves my honored selection.

          Hurry home. Hurry to the city of lights so that we might brighten the world from this terrible curse of history’s past. I caution you not to tarry, and not to speak of the item that is now in your possession. Please use the attached scroll of forgetfulness that I have enclosed with the courier but only after using suggestion (also enclosed) to ascertain his true dealings from my table to your camp.  These resources are from the librarian and I am most assured of their safety as used properly  by your mage Hockenbrecht.  I hope you also were able to recover any of the ancient one’s tomes that may better our technology against our bitter foes.  I have included a small quantity of our resin of resistance for you to apply to each book in order that it might travel better.

          Please accept these horses from my personal stable as gifts for your successful completion of our dangerous mission. Our people of the New Age will sing songs of your deeds. Hurry home so that the bards may begin composing.                  

The Rat Trap Wrap and Rap

The LOYALS return to the site of their original extraction camp after Lost Caverns to discover that Maria and Flemin have disappeared.  Hockenbrecht suspects some kind of defensive magic but no one in the party can discover any tracks or other evidence of foul play.

The party decides to descend following a beeline route to the nearest point of the King’s Road and rest at a Wayside Station there.  Little did they know a family of Hook Horrors were about to scavenge for their nightly meal in a canyon nearby. Luckily for the party, they passed a skill challenge over difficult terrain using the skills they know best.

Arriving at the station/fort the PCs meet Commander Swift, a man fit for the job to serve in a fort light years from civilization.  They encounter Sargento, the Courier who delivers the King’s Letter and prefers table tops to lice infested haystacks. In the letter, the party learned that the King would like them to travel a shorter distance to Carr Perrin and use Governor Del Lentios’ griffons to fly on to Cillandar  They also meet Dusty, a drunkard and lost soul who managed to somehow lose his traveling companions but make it to a Fort before being eaten by a denizen of the inner wilds.  Lastly, they met a man dressed in the cloth of the Silver Flame, accused of murdering an entire family who did not abide by the Flame’s code.  

Although Lessa nearly kicked Swift and his colleagues in the cajones and other incidents transpired. The travelers slept and awoke.  Hockenbrecht learned some new spells while using the forgetfulness scrolls on the courier.  The party witnessed a hanging of the of the Flamist with whoops and hollers from the local guardsmen, and departed. Along the road, Hockenbrecht allowed Dusty to ride with him and arriving at the next waypoint, bid him farewell. The party took the eastern fork and made it’s journey up to Carr Perrin between the two ancient rivers of Lione and Andule.


Arriving late at night, the party was greeted by wary watchmen. Apparently a Gobblin’ Jack has been murdering and taking the body of folks in town.  Many suspect a monster from the inner wilds or from the Before Time is to blame.  Captain Gundar surprisingly was on a visit to the gate and intervened when a guardsmen got a little too nosy with the submission of inspection.  Mister Jem and the vigilance committee, who have been given the right to search all newcomers to town by Governor Del Lentios, next searched the party.

Lessa and Mustakakrish were able to foil a robbery attempt as the party followed the sound of singing to a would be inn.  Unfortunately, the ladies who spilled the apples (intentionally of course) and the thief themselves were able to arrange escape by shouting “Stop Thief” in a timely manner near a couple of guards.  

The party entered The Rusty Sabre, a fine establishment owned and operated by Greasy Grelda who took an immediate liking to Hockenbrecht giving him some of her famous biscuits right away.  Hockenbrecht rolled for blushing and being the nerdy textbook mage he is, failed. The party listened to some music from THE BUGBEAR BROTHERS, Lessa played a game of Spottle, and The Magnum Swords came over to tell the party that they were going to most likely be the Crown’s Selection for the Challenge of Champions. Poor Kro Biht Su had to keep himself underwraps as none of the townsfolk seemed to want to have anything to do with him.

That night, while on watch in the Inn upstairs, a murder most foul was committed on old Jim, the old man o runs the Spottle games downstairs.  Although the party witnessed a shadowy escape, they were unable to avoid his death, and learned little.

The next day, getting pretty, they went to see Del Lentios who made them wait for near an hour, and then arrived cocky wearing his usual judge’s robes and drinking his Strawberry Hill from a Champagne Glass.  Oh, Del Lentios!  He informs the party that quite sadly the griffons had just arrived from the southern Fair and were still unable to travel for yet another day and at least one more night.  He suggests that the party either enjoy the hospitality of the town and themselves in the Inn or perhaps are interested in some coin by doing a night’s easy work taking out a thief that has been raiding a warehouse from one of the Lords in town (For future reference, this is where the options for you could have been very different…for example..you could have suspected Del Lentios of lying, snuck into his Mansion at night or kept tabs on him thereby discovering his lycanthropy and misdealings, or you could have stayed at the Inn at which point Greyblade would have now known what rooms the party had been sleeping in for an ambush or you could have gotten involved in rumors and examined the sewer system carefully which would most likely have involved battles with carrion crawlers and Ropers…God, I love Ropers…I would even have played the Three’s Company Theme Song for you)

The party instead decides to work for a bit of coin and the meet Rip Blanders, a short balding rich man who tells them someone is stealing from his warehouse and he would like them to catch the thief.  That night, the party witnesses the ropes and thieves coming down through a vent in the warehouse.  They begin to take out the theives only to discover that Greyblade The WERERAT LORD and his Lovely RETHA master thief have ambushed them!  

Greyblade immediately uses his Fireball Scroll and kills the cleric while severely wounding others.  Battle ensues and the party heals Casiopeia with a potion.  Somehow, the wererats seem to be targeting Hockenbrecht who they believe has the bag of holding and other items, but little did they know Mustakrakrish had it all along (funny, funny, funny….not)

This seems to throw the lycanthropes off a bit and the party begins to severely whoop up on Greyblade wounding him so severely that he can’t even take out his ring of invisibility to escape.  Retha holds the hidden entrance to the sewers open for him but sadly watches him fall before her very eyes.  No one in the party understood the sadness that was caused as she herself was struck down and reaching for her love had a large Dragonborn hand stomp on it as she attempted to give one last caress to her dear Greyblade’s whiskered cheek. You are inhumane Musta. For as his death throes become final, Laetis hears that someone, possibly, Lessa, who had decided to go study instead of foil a robbery that evening, had been surrounded by wererats, subdued and taken prisoner.  

Enter the real Lord of the Wererats, Del Lentios now in full wererat form with 20-25 fully armed wererat guardsmen and the party quickly decides that a sewery escape may not smell so bad after all.

For the climax of the wrap here’s MC DM-LIGHT.

All of the heroes run into the hole

Some fall some drop, some gotta roll

 for damage, cause it’s 1d10

whenever someone is chased by men

and lands wrong in the slippery tube

Hockenbrecht coulda got Greasy’s boob.


Anyway, the party starts to run, 

cause Del Lentios and his rats aren’t in the mood for fun.

They rush down the sewer up ahead is light

Oh snap, I think you better hurry or your gonna have to fight

But wait, what was that, did I feel a pressure plate?

Think someone with a lousy skill roll better toss a d8.


Or two and if you don’t keep up maybe even three.

Greyblades’ escape traps just  put Hockenrecht down on one knee 

and Del Lentios is still coming on strong.

I wanta save the mage but myself too, is that wrong?

And these traps, they could totally kill me, 

why didn’t I read the email about traps more carefully?


And of course, everyone does save everyone.  You are all a bunch of saps!!!! You know someday Potter, your loyalty is going to get you into a sticky end. Mark my words! Hockenrecht is restored to some hp just in time to avoid what would have been certain death by a horde of wererats commanded to kill him and the party They escape into the sunshine and run across the pier onto the slave barge as it is pulling out and everyone makes it save for two. One is able to pull themselves up in the swift current of the Andule river. The other Casiopeia needs Lessa who ties a rope around herself, is thrown by Mustarakrish and lauches herself into the tumultous water.  Casiopiea needed to roll a 7 or higher or most likely would have faced certain death in the waves.

Hockenbrecht hurries to dry himself off, and remember his lore about the Anduene river. All he can remember is that the fork, which is swiftly coming, leads one way to a peaceful stall and another to a falls which would kill all on board.

But luckily for the party, this doesn’t happen as Maria and Flemin, who were quite successful in their rescue mission, were able to secure Del Lentios’ Griffons while he was away chasing our friends and fly them to the river location where they learned the wererats send their slaves (which most residents believe have been murdered by Gobblin’ Jack).  There, they fly low over the river and swoop up the Loyals, making a sweeping arc heading in the direction of Cillandar bearing ill news to the king that Del Lentios has betrayed him and the Crown.

What happens next?  

What happens in Cillandar?

Why does Lessa prefer cheese to raspberry danishes now?

Why whenever I send out a pregame email to someone asking if they will be nice and risk their character’s life they always say yes?


WIll evil forces ever allow the Loyals peace and prosperity?  

Who knows, but they sure get a lot of magical items when they don’t.

Greyblade’s Scroll:



Our northern informant has made known to us that a group known as the Loyals, as they are now apparently termed, have returned successfully from a mission on the king’s behalf.  (You are all then described accurately except for ….) They have in their possession several items needed by our leadership.

They will be coming to Carr Perrin within a few days.  We know you have other tasks currently being asked of you but elimination of these pests is priority.  Their cargo, carried mostly within bags of holding or other magical means, are to be delivered in whole to Del Lentios. Do not attempt to use your various torture methods. They do not know of the nature of the artifacts in their possession.  Kill them in the manner which has been working for you in Carr Perrin.  

Keep your thieve’s hands off the cargo.  Failure to deliver the items we seek will result in our immediate visit to YOU. We will be using magical means to detect how much the objects have been handled  Be sure to keep your claws off them.  I am told the new Vol Cultists Quori is quite ravenous in it’s infancy.

As payment for your services, you may keep any and all manner of artifacts on their person not kept in bags.


P.S.  Our next shipment during the next half moon will be an appropriate time to send the cargo in YOUR HANDS with our usual allotment of slaves. Be sure to take the western fork in the river…




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