Into the Wild, Introduction and Adventure Hooks

Materials for Players to this Thread

Into the Wild Player Background

Do you have what it takes to brave the wilds? What about taming them?.  Do you have what it takes to establish yourselves as Lords?  The King’s Land Act and your recent Inheritance has placed you in a unique position.  Fortune, power and esteem await you in the wilds of the Kingdom. All you have to do is tame them enough to convince your serfs to work, labor and toil for you. Make smart decisions and keep the people in your service, and you can found a township, or perhaps more.

You have recently been given the rights to an abandoned keep on the frontier of a truly inhospitable yet rich and fertile land.  In order to gain access to the land, you must first clear the Keep and take it for yourselves.  But that won’t be easy, and neither will convincing farmers, their wives and their children to join you and make a new home for themselves. 

What awaits you?  A chance to create your own spot on the great Empire’s Map, a chance to construct your own Light in the Darkness.  But the Wilds are no easy place to gain a foothold and holding back the darkness during these times won’t be easy.  You’ll have your hands full with raids and other denizens of the wilderness, and the inner struggles of establishing your colony.  How resourceful can you be? You’ll find out when you head Into the Wild!

Players entering this thread can be of any motivation and should consider race, class and skills very carefully.  This thread is challenging both on the game mat as well as in roleplaying scenarios. 

The Many Faces of INTO THE WILD

Clyde and Melancholy

Clyde, the Proprietor of the Buccaneer’s Bodice is a typical barkeep. Hopes of taking his pub and self-claimed” famous moonshine “The Widow’s Tears” to Carr Thos are heard nightly. Unfortunately for Clyde, the real draw to his bar isn’t his liquor, or even his charm. It’s Melancholy, and a special creature he keeps which everyone calls Clyde’s Critter.


A dwarven mason that the party convinced to go with them into the well. Njord has turned out to be a rather helpful soul. Despite their “Inquisition”, Njord has expressed his trust in them. “I know a good bunch when I see one.”

Jeffer and Jill

A brother and sister whom Melissande has taken under her wing. Jeffer and Jill were kept safe by the Dark Lanterns during the party’s imprisonment.

Lt. Macavoy, AKA Ignotus, Disciple of the Flame

Just  a simple drunk?  Not so fast.  Macavoy is much more than meets the eye.  His Flask of Invisibility has proven quite useful, especially in helping to procure items from the Flame’s treasure chamber before the Ketians invade. Meanwhile, he was able to rescue the party, and has taken them to see Eminides, and to meet Tiresias himself.


One of the commanders taken prisoner by the Immortal Orc and the Ketian forces.  Flemin is a man of few words, but noble deed.  Bearing the brand proudly, rumor has it that Flemin earned the right by saving the life of Borindin’s youngest son. One thing is for sure, Flemin seems destined for greatness.

Bear Claw

Flemin’s partner in crime.  Bear Claw may seem as though he doesn’t quite belong here. It is well known that Flemin himself is responsible for sparing his life during a brutal engagement in the Outer Wilds. Those who have seen him in combat know that he has willingly sacrificed himself on numerous occasions. He is now vouched for by many Shield members.

Crimson Flamist, Enlil

After witnessing the party in the opening bombardment, Enlil knew he could sabotage them and use them as a scapegoat.  However, he never imagined that Bellock would betray him.

Cardinal Bellock

Bellock is the minister of the truth, according to the Flame doctrine that is.  Recently ordained as the Cardinal of the Thor Valley, he has grown in power as he has become the administrator of it. Power has a tendency to corrupt though and Bellock has clearly lost his way.  Through notes you have found, it would seem as though Bellock himself intended to secure the land grant which you already have. He also has made it a personal mission to eradicate certain spies of Darkness and their ignorant notions.

Gingrich and his Newt

A rich Cillandrian noble in the wrong place at the wrong time, Gingrich (and his pet newt) narrowly escaped the initial night of terror. Perhaps, all that Cillandrial lifestyle has gone to his head. He seems quite frazzled by things, and the idea of another invasion is enough to make him sell out anyone, including you!

Roseanne’s BAR

The bar in which the more upscale members of the fort have been associating. Ie not you guys…

Captain Eminides

More than meets the eye, Eminides is more than just a fearless leader. He is a branded and personal friend to Lord Borindin himself.  It is well known that Eminides accompanied his majesty on several legendary trips in the Outer Wilds, thus opening up the land to Celn “advancement”. Eminides shares a secret with the party now. Not only does he know where Tiresias is, he has personally kept him hidden from the Order of Flame. Will he give the old sage over to the forces of Darkness? Doesn’t sound like Eminides at all, even if that means sacrificing men, women and children in the destruction. But why would someone so just act so carelessly? Just who is Tiresias anyway?


Although the party has never met Icarus,  his name is familiar to them. Icarus was purported to be an acolyte to the Flame who was rejected by it’s Holy Light in Initiation.  He subsequently attacked leading members of the Order in Carr Thos, killing several. He was imprisoned in The Wheel indefinitely as punishment.  It is said that Bishop Belloran himself pardoned Icarus so that he would not be made a martyr for those who attempt to sabotage the flame.

Billingsweed, Royal Surveryor and Document Verifications

A gnome with a delicate persona, some would call it an inferiority complex, Billingsweed is in charge of…well, just paperwork. But, he takes his job seriously, and although might seem unimportant, understands the  “fine print” of what happens in Celn lands better than anyone.

Nee Ish   Nee Shen

Sster and brother.  Nee Ish, the sister, was murdered by the party while she raided the Fort at Haven during the original night of the siege.

Nee Shen is the Immortal Orc’s most powerful shaman.  Rumors abound in the Celn military, that Nee Shen’s power comes from his ability to interpret the Immortal Orc’s messages.

Nee Shen has now declared his undying, immortal if you will, commitment to destroying those who have killed his sister.

Indi Ilium

A famous trader and merchant. One of the few who have purportedly been to Almagesh and back with tales of what lies beyond the Sea of Sands to the East. Indi Ilium is a man with precious information on the frontier. Although whether he is alive or dead, no one knows.


Bellock wants him. The enemy wants him.  Eminides has protected him. Who is Tiresias? Perhaps, “who he is” is less important than what he knows, and how he knows it.  One thing is clear, before he even speaks, Tiresias is a man who seems more than a man.  He seems to suffer from a Most Interesting Man in the world syndrome, even though he is blind.  In your brief time with him, two things are becoming rather obvious. Tiresias is dying, and he doesn’t seem to care.


A figure central to a cause known as the Dark Lanterns.  Jadus is simple, silent and untrusting. Her husband’s smithy, may be a front for something much more important.

In this scene at right, in a famous painting in the Temple Mount of the Flame in Grand Cillandar, women are depicted murdering their husbands on Riften Naght.  It is believed, that on these nights, women lose their divine goodness, and are ravaged by the darkness’s will.

It doesn’t seem as though Jadus gives a rat’s ass about this depiction, and at the timing of your meeting, she looks more than capable of taking up a sword in the defense of her cause.

Bolvist, the Warrior

When asked, he’ll tell you his name is Bolvist. Just Bolvist. He won’t tell much else, in large part because he doesn’t know. Bolvist jolted awake on the outskirts of Fort Ogrehead eight months ago, and variations of the same nightmare he experienced that night have plagued him since. 

During the day, Bolvist is a wary half-orc (half-orcs in Cellinor are either wary or short-lived). Those who see him suspect the worst, and truth be told his actions are rarely above board. Those few of his kind who “make it” into civilized society do so by being twice as good as everyone else.  Unfortunately for Bolvist, that just isn’t in his nature. With a low tolerance for formality and at times a prodigious lack of tact, he often  jumps headfirst into the holes others dig for him. He does his best to avoid confrontations with the pillars of the community, but when edged into a corner he is liable to take things from bad to worse.

His persona in the light, however, is very different from the person he is in dreams. Bolvist’s dreams are filled with images of terror and awe: Dark Gods beneath the earth, unspeakable rituals against mankind, the drowning of the light in permanent shadow. In his dreams he is both terrified and exulted by what he sees and the important role he seems to play. When he wakes, he is left cold by the horrors, but terrified that part of him wants to see them come to pass.

Bolvist has lived the last few days as he has all the previous: One day at a time, one step ahead of the darkness. But in the back room of Roseanne’s Bar, Bolvist was forced to confront in the waking hours the prospects he’s dreamed of for as long as he can remember. He now understands he needs to do two things: Fight every day to see the next, and unravel the truth of whatever part he has to play in the coming darkness.

Bolvist dreads that he will be faced with a momentous decision that could have a major impact on the fate of the peoples in the light, but he dreads more the fact that he doesn’t know how he will respond when it comes time to make that decision.

The King’s Land Act of 87

This full text is given to you on scroll during your initial meeting.

In accordance with the laws and wishes of our Lord, Haidius Borindin, Slayer of the Wyrm and Bringer of Light, it is hereby decreed that the following rules, regulations and statements issued forth are to be deemed accurate and punishable when not adhered to by any citizen or other race which habitates or trespasses on the King’s Land. Furthermore, these 8 items collectively will be henceforth referred to as the “King’s Land Act” and will serve as an impartial document to be used during any Inquisition of the Order, if the need arises for one.

Item 1: It is hereby ordained that the King’s Land is any known land seized, settled or discovered whether held by known races, “wandering tribes and groups” or not, so long as this land is not categorized as land belonging to said groups with which a treaty of the Realm exists.  It is furthermore executed that any member of the Realm may seize land from any group or “wandering tribe” in the name of the King provided that that member adheres to both the Code and the Order’s decree for the treatment of “wandering tribes and groups” unless a treaty exists which allows this group or tribe to live and habitate on the land in question in a manner inconsistent with the Code and the Order.

Item 2: When any member of the Realm decides to claim a parcel of land and declare it as “King’s Land” that member must report the claim and pay taxes and compensation in accordance with the Land Tax Act to the nearest Dispatching Outpost within a full cycle after making a successful survey of the land to be claimed.  Both the survey and the claim should be on file and both must be within one full cycle of each other.

Item 3: Members of the Realm may use any and all Before Days structures to build on, around or take material from. However, all items of a magical nature are considered “property of the King” and must be given to the nearest Outpost for inspection. Failure to immediately have items inspected may lead to forfeiture of the Land’s claim.  If a member deems an area unsafe, that member should immediately report it to the nearest Dispatch and leave the area until it is deemed safe by Lighted Militia or SHIELD troops.

Item 4: Members who decide to settle land for which a claim exists may decide to recruit Celn citizens to work, farm, or industrialize the resources found there.  A “Plan of Settlement” should be reported to the nearest Dispatch Office and filed therein.  For colonies larger than 1,000 citizens, a meeting with the Land Accessor must be held in Cillandar.

Item 5: Citizens who chose to apply for a Plan of Settlement must commit to the safety and well-being of the Celn citizens that move there. The Lord(s) of this plan must see to the well-being, safety and education of these citizens as well as provide them a place of worship.  Whenever possible, citizens working on a Land Grant should have access to clean water and livestock, and must have a well maintained and fortified “Keep” for defense.  See the minimum requirements for Keep functioning in the appendix.

Item 6 In order to establish trade and provide cultural exchange with the intelligent beasts of the Wilds, a representative from the nearest Dispatch or Outpost should be present whenever treating with various groups or wandering tribes. Any grant which attempts or does in fact make treaties with tribes or groups without Celn representation from a Dispatch or Outpost is forfeit and those acting in these interests without advisement and representation of the Realm are subject to High Inquisition.

Item 7 Taxes are to be collected in the form of one copper for every Pockens ( A pockens is the financial compensation associated with the amount of wool it would take to make one regular sized shirt). A record of the Land Grant’s earnings should be kept on file with the local Outpost and proper taxes collected and kept current.  Failure to keep taxes collected and current will be grounds for termination of the claim.

Item 8: Should a disturbance in the Land Grant occur, the complete and irreversible forfeiture of the Land Grant will occur provided a High Inquisition has ordained the disturbance to be detrimental to the Kingdom. It is therefore recommended that Lords of their grant keep their citizens safe, secure and responsible.

The Inheritance

Each member of the party should submit a background about what they have been doing in a small frontier town known as Fort Ogre Head. Fort Ogre Head is a particularly run-of-the-mill Outpost set along the string of outposts along the Northern Cellinor coast.  These outposts protect the string of coastal cities on the King’s High Way. In particular, each of the party (being a zero level party member) has been working for Benedict Lemure. Benedict is a foul, and repulsive Half Orc that the Outpost’s director uses to “get the job done”. He has been in charge of fortifying defenses, scouring the land, and apparently has made a living off gambling and hustling the working class that keeps the Fort occupied and livable..

It just so happens that Benedict has just been found dead and unfortunately for you he still owes you a LOT of money.  In fact, he owes each of you for nearly a season’s sweat and toil, roughly the equivalent of your starting treasure.  Fort Ogre Head isn’t exactly paradise, and nearly all you’ve got left is the clothes on your back and the promise of payment. Now it looks like that payment is gone and with it your hopes of something better.

But it looks like you aren’t the only one who’s been lied to about payment.  It looks like there are quite a few others who have been owed coin, and some of them would seem to have the ear of the Captain of the Guard.  Outside the captain’s office this morning a large crowd forms, and nearly everyone is unhappy

“I’ll be taking a nap for a few minutes. When I awake I do not wish to hear anymore about helping any of you with gambling debts. In fact, anyone bringing a debt to my attention then will be subject to Inquisition for possible activities to the detriment of this fortress.  Sergeant, see to it that Benedict’s personal belongings are incinerated and clear his workroom.”  With a resigned nod and a wink to the Sergeant,  the Captain swiftly closes his chamber’s doors.

“You heard the captain,” the Sergeant barks, “get in there and incinerate those belongings.” Before you can whistle the tune of the Tale of Borindin, enlisted and officers alike have stormed Benedict’s personal quarters. It doesn’t take long.

As you watch, members and citizens of the Fort are walking out of the half-orc’s chambers carrying all manner of things. A dwarven engineer named Trelen, who helped fortify the outer wall of the Fort, is carrying out a dress with a flowery design. It’s a free for all.

After a few minutes, the line of people going in stops and the line of people coming out begins to dwindle. You begin to wonder why you stayed outside. It’s going to be a hard few months to make up for what Benedict took from you. 

You overhear one of the last of the looters tell another, “It’s slim pickings, lad.  Nothing left worth your time.”

But is there nothing left? With only the clothes on your back, you’ve got nothing to lose.

A Trip to the Armory

If you were to enter the Beard and Tail’s main chamber the afternoon before your departure, you would have seen Hockenbrecht and Calyssa  standing over an intricate map on a large table riddled with holes from dagger tips while Commander Luger is pointing at something.  As you approach, you here:

Hockenbrecht:  My Lord, surely you understand that even my new research does not allow me to predict what may lie ahead along the route.

Luger: Then what information do we have in our possession that can aid the mission, mage? By the light, your face looks as though you’ve aged several years, and your complexion is as pale as a carrion crawler. Have you nothing for me after locking yourself up in that study of yours the last two weeks?

Calyssa: We know the lands to the North and East are tropical, temperate and wild, at least below the Scorched Mountains.  My father’s expedition to find the pass of Kasille failed in it’s infancy the last time, but that was before we gained the tomes of Iggwilv and her notes regarding the temperate beasts and flora. Since then our garrison at the Northern Gate has had it’s hands full with the reptiles roaming there. But none of that is of matter since acquiring the research returned to us from the Loyals.

Luger: Speak plainly.

Hockenbrecht: What Calyssa means to say Luger is that with all due respect to the King’s earlier expedition, we now have a route and positions we believe can be checked in the passage to see if the travelers are following accurate directions.  The first being the Wings of Pelerus. However, many of these waypoints and locales we know only by name, not appearance.  We know not, for example, what the Wings of Pelerus refer to.

Luger: The party will have to be attentive I suppose…And what of the races therein?

Calyssa: Commander, we know little of the civilized races said to still inhabit that portion of the outer wilds. Some tomes speak of birdmen, lizardmen, or even dragonmen distant and possibly ancestral to those living amongst humans here in Cillandar. 

Luger: What assurances can you give me they will accept our king’s allegiance?

Hockenbrecht: M’lord I can give you none.

Luger: In that case, this mission will be considered “Dark Lantern” status.  I want you to share this information with those the king has chosen, but to none other.  I am far too be busy locating the whereabouts of Genoran to be of help in the send off, make sure that the party is properly equipped. If not branded, you will Calyssa, perform the secrecy ritual.

Calyssa: I will Luger.

Hockenbrecht: One last thing, Luger…

Luger: What is it?

Hockenbrecht: The Vault of Kasil was said to be inpenetrable.  It was constructed in the OPEN, in the middle of a large unfortified city.  Legend tells on scroll of heroes being challenged by the rulers of Kasil to attempt to infiltrate the vault.  None in the record ever did.  A guardian was believed to be kept there, within. Of such unfathomable power, that time itself could not prevent it from it’s task of protection.

Luger: Legends are sometimes what they appear to be, and sometimes not, my dear mage.

Calyssa:  Just make sure those chosen know what they are getting themselves into…

Luger: Calyssa, your oldest brother died in Tsocanth. Your second is lost after the King’s failed attempt to win the crowd during the Battle of Heroes. Do any of us know what your father is getting us into?

Calyssa: Just make sure Luger.

As Luger strides through the sunlit archway into the King’s Courtyard, Hockenbrecht tightens his grip on the table’s edge. “This is the adventure of a lifetime”, he whispers…

Calyssa: An adventure can only be called that, if one returns from it to continue their life…Good luck Lanterns, may you best the guardian, and return to tell your tale.

King’s Secret Dispatch

Greetings adventurers.  Luger tells me you have now been briefed on the expedition into the Northwestern Wilds. My best wishes for a safe and successful return.  Please remember to take my seal and offer it’s advocacy to those who will honor their allegiance to the Cillandrial Throne. Should you obtain news of information of Ketian penetration into these lands, it is your mission priority to return forthwith, rendezvous with the Northern gate’s command and belay the mission to Kasil.  If none is made aware to you, proceed on.  My apologies for not offering more reliable mounts but my winged are all in service locating Genoran, as priority status.

Calyssa tells me that the Treasure of Kasil is said to be a treasure older than any we’ve discovered thus far.  A treasure of more than enough power perhaps to aid us in our establishment of technological might.   Although you are within a secret, you remain

In the light,


(follows is Borindin’s seal superimposing some of his many titles such as Slayer of the Wyrm, Light of the Grand Harbor, and Provider of the Cornucopia)

Attached is Calyssa’s map and a script to be given to civilized leadership within the outer wilds explaining Borindin’s “advocacy” offer.


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