A Crimson Shore FAR REALM, Introduction to our CURRENT Campaign Thread

Introduction to A Crimson Shore
Welcome to Far Realm!
Ah Far Realm, that new and untamed port in the heart of the Isles of Dread! The first fully functioning colony of the great realm of Cellinor, Far Realm is more than an established port of call. It is an investment that is now paying off. Statues to great Celn citizens line the cobble strewn streets, and docks to rival the greatest in Cellione are being constructed with new magicks. Magical artifacts fill the coffers of the Governor’s treasury and the Shields build the ramparts higher and higher, protecting this gem of Lord Borindin’s. The Sassers, A human civilization found to the West, has become hostile to Celn lands, and for that, no entreats have been made. The colony is on edge. As it should be out here on it’s own.
Whatever you are looking for, you can find in Far Realm. With it’s Twelve Taverns, plentiful shops and constantly arriving craftsmen and women filling the streets seeking work, Far Realm boasts much of what a typical Celn city has. But it also boasts danger. Creatures in the trees and caves, creatures from the seas, pirates and brigands, and inhospitable societies of halfs living deep in the dark vine strewn jungles populate the nightly stories told to the greenies. Men in the street, run through in a duel, left to rot. A missing person here, a murder there. The Order of Flame has a hard time keeping all pirate activities in the light of justice.
Players may want to consider their backgrounds carefully. Two major paths to consider might be 1) characters can have a background from some creature among the wilderness of the Isles. A background that explains how he/she came to the Colony of Far Realm is helpful. 2) characters can be originally Celn citizens, or other races or other cultures of humans from the East, the land of Cellinor. In this case, a background describing how he/she came to the colony is helpful. These are just ideas, feel free to have serious fun with your character background and think outside the box if you wish!
Whether you decide to begin your own colony, or spend your days and scream filled nights exploring the hundreds of dangers found in the isles, will be up to you. But players are cautioned before they avoid or embroil themselves in the politics between two large civilizations about to clash in one form or the other. Choose your sides, and your virtues carefully. Because at some point, you may have to pick sides, whether you want to or not!



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