A Crimson Shore, Far Realm, Introduction to “Pub Crawl”

The Contest…

Taryn’s Bane is a Far Realm tradition based on a real life adventure begun by the now famous Taryn of Alpha, and the King’s son, Lord Genoran, among others. As the story goes, on the night when the Lords of Alpha returned to the fair city of Cillandar, they were savagely assaulted by a member of their party, turned to the darkness within by evil forces from Ket. In order to battle the foes, the party ran through the city, either chasing the demons, or being chased by them. Spells sizzled rooftops and cruel blades rang out against armor and shield.

As it is sung by bards now, at some point during the battle, one Roscoe Leegallows was injured terribly. Taryn, accompanied by his trusty ally and Ordered Knight, Malcolm of Pylos, entered a bar looking for a spell component to heal his comrade, and asked for some alcohol from the bar maiden mistaking the bar for an apothecary. At first, Taryn was handed a pint of the proprietors finest Dying God Ale, which Taryn gulped down immediately by virtue of habit. As all know, The Twilight Force, invented the popular ale after establishing their lands in the Cain wilderness.

“No, ma’am,” quoth his comrade Malcolm, “My Lord wishes for alcohol to cure the wounded.”

In response which is now legend in Celn lands the bar maiden simply replied, “If our ale doesn’t cure your friend, nothing will!”

Rather than attempt to argue the point, Taryn simply ran to the next bar, the now infamous Half Full, and there, according to most Celn scholars found what he was looking for. However, Tuatha Ulrecht, the most famous of Celn bards wrote an infamous work entitled “Taryn’s Bane” in which, as the story goes, it eventually took Taryn 12 bars to find the alcohol he desperately needed. Along the way he was joined by other members of the Twilight Force, Bolvist and Mesilla who were followed from the first bar to the last by both spectators and their demon enemies as well. To this day, The Silver Mile as it is called in Cillandar is a famous stretch of 12 bars, each claiming their own part of the story. Some even keep relics under lock and key, ready to be shown to the skeptical as evidence of the events that transpired there, that famous eve.

No one knows for sure how the tradition sprung up in the colonies of Dread, or why they became so popular. But Taryn’s Bane is now much more than sport. People bet and wager and win or lose their livelihoods, based on the outcome of the crawl. If, they are so lucky, or unfortunate, to be selected to participate.


Lord Humbolt, and his Daughters

Lord Humbolt is a fixture in Far Realm. Most believe he came in the first colonial brigade. As he will attest to if asked, many of the fortress’ fortifications were built with “these own Celn hands”. But Lord Humbolt is not to be trifled with. This is not Cillandar, or Cellione where justice is swift but most would consider fair, provided one acknowledges the King’s rule and the Flame’s faith. Humbolt has risen steadily in the politics of the colony and his many dealings, both business and personal are now intertwined in the fabric of the place. He’s therefore a hard man to deal with, but a hard man to stay away from. His daughters however are hard to stay away from too. Beautiful Celn women are hard to find in the colonies after all.

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