Far Realm, 5.1 The Governor’s Treasury

Session 5: Call Your Mother Please

Wherein The Urchins of Far Realm were transformed from simple outlaws and nefarious rapscallions into unlikely saviors of the realm’s first and most important colony in the Isles of Dread. Was it the catalyst to other adventures, fame or fortune, or to that of some other terrible calamity. That remained to be seen.


A Fashionable Treasury

The Governor’s palace was as indescribably decorated as was Cantons’ person. A tribute to all things Cillandrial as the elvish lord would often say. While Canton moved through his palatial galleries, the urchins, now so-called “heroes”, were treated to a wealth of treasures collected over what must have been some grand adventures. Tapestries and vases, paintings and statues lay or hung in every alcove and on every surface of every gold leaved piece of furniture.  Canton didn’t seem to understand that there was a time issue at all.  Ian, the intense yet skilled ranger,  kept explaining how dangerous the situation was and how desperately they needed arms and equipment for the others entrusting this task to them. A task that would either save what was left of Far Realm, or in failure, give it over to the demons besieging it.  Canton though was talking about the Pockens card he first recognized as belonging to “this set of heroes”. Whatever that meant. He spoke to them over his shoulder, rounding corner after corner on his way to his treasury.


Walking on, the others trailed him, but had a hard time not being distracted by the items around them. Thrak kept stepping on the elf’s robes which of course Canton had stopped to put on from upon a rack in one of his many hallways “on the way”. He withdrew a second card, and passed it back to them. Once more they recognized it immediately. It was known as the car of the five sisters.  A balance typically thought to symbolize justice was always drawn at the base of the card, with five sisters elegantly dressed and five small stars appearing under a night sky.  They, like all Celns, had seen it many times, and in many different styles, but the patterns of the stars were always the same.  It was obvious to all, that this card, like the first the governor of Far Realm showed them, had somehow been a prophecy of their arrival in the Justice Hall that night.

Haryk and Thrak only heard snippets of what the governor was saying as he paraded them deeper into the castle. He was brisk, but took the time to point out a particularly large white object within a clear container. It looked a bit like one of Thrak’s scales but was much, much larger. Thrak walked past it trying to keep up, but couldn’t help himself. He stared while ahead, Canton described it as a  scale from a white dragon he claimed to have personally aided in killing. “It was a battle for the ages of course.  Master Q personally crafted this display case for me.”

“Master Q?” Asked Areia.

“Move on Governor! We have work to do here, lives are at stake. By the Light, your trophies can wait!” Ian barked, “Canton, the treasury!”

“But of course, Lord Ian. It’s just up ahead Sir! I am simply helping our friends here along their path.  Tonight is written in the stars after all. Keep up, keep up friends, Oh look the Celn coat of arms, personally signed by Governor Dellentos….and this statue why this is my good friend Lyra. She was rescued of course.  Have you ever met one of the mer-people my friends?”

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