A Crimson Shore FAR REALM 6.2 Narrative Interlude: The Stowaway

Later that evening…
“Unhand me you uncivilized brigand! I am an adventurer of the highest caliber. I battled the Trebians at Alpha!”
First Mate Bones Mcgrady was leading a rather shrill voiced and roughed up man through the decks. He was finely dressed but looked like he had been in a fight. His hands were bound before him in chains. Bones and another officer marched him up into the headquarters of Captain “Cellinor” Carpatchian. The first mate opened the door after requesting entrance and threw the man in. He looked around to see several of the officers, including the party, consulting charts and other devices.
“What is the meaning of this, McGrady? Who is this fellow, he is not on our manifest.”
“Sir, it would appear as though Galline’s Pride has a stowaway.”
“A stowaway!” barked the Captain, and he looked the wretched man up and down. The man was being held firmly by bones and another officer so that his toes barely touched the ground. He was draped in what looked like expensive jewelry and there was something smeared all over the front of his shirt.
“I’m not a stowaway, good Captain! I’m here to report, and to aid in our adventure! Obviously there has been a misunderstanding, I have tried my best to explain but it takes a sensible and educated mind doesn’t it!” The man tried to motion both hands back at the first mate.
“Is that…is that cheese?” Carpatchian reached out a hand and plucked some of a white substance smeared over the front of the man’s clothing. He held it to his nose. “Camambert? My camembert?”
Bones interrupted, “Sir, we found this fellow here eating the first and last of our cheeses in a crate marked “ale” belowdecks. The area had been flooded because of the bulwark patching. Men said they heard a baby crying so I went to check on it.”
“So then where’s the ale, Bones?” The captain looked at Bones with a fierce gaze. Areia tried her best to bite the insides of her cheek. This was going to be good.
“I can explain!” The man said, and he held up a single finger as if to say he just needed a minute to make all this make perfect sense.
“Bones, are you saying we have no ale on this voyage?”
“Aye Captain.”
The Captain blinked, and looked around the cabin. His face was expressionless. “Take him up and throw him overboard Bones.”
“Aye aye, Captain. Come on, then, you, you heard…”
“Wait! Wait! Captain Cellinor! My name is…my name is Tuatha Ulrecht!”
“The famous bard?”
Bones nearly lost it; He bent over double roaring with laughter. The man calling himself Tuatha stood there staring at the Captain. Smiling, he threw out his hands and did a Cillandrial bow, which only made Bones lose it even more.
This cracked the Captain’s stern face. He couldn’t help it. “Yes, my little stowaway. I am sure you are, and I of course am King Borindin’s son, Genoran The First.” He thumbed at Eron, “This is my father, Our Lord”, and pointed at Thrak, “This is the dragon Gulgol, who will be slain this eve.” Nearly everyone in the cabin lost it. The captain did not crack a smile though and it made it even harder for the others to keep it together.
“No, no! It’s true! I assure you, I am that who I say I am! I am! Allow me, goodly Celns, to prove it to you!”
Andril and Haryk leaned against one of the captain’s cabinets, briefly glancing at one another. Areia took out a dagger and started picking at her fingernails. Thrak reached into his snack and placed something in his mouth. He looked confused, and just kept staring from one speaker to the next as if he were watching a play. Areia looked up between strands of her silver hair and put her dagger away. This was better than good.
“And how do you intend to go about doing that?” asked the Captain.
The man looked to the officers holding him roughly. They took their hands off him, and his feet for the first time since entering the cabin rested fully on the deck. He fixed up his collar and tried his best to straighten his clothing out. Chin up, theatrically he bowed once more. “If you will allow me to ask one of your good sailors to fetch my lyre, I will play you a ballad that one day I will sing before the King himself, in honor of my…er…I mean our heroic deeds this night.”
“To you good sirs, allow me to play for you, for the first time, The Ballad of the Demon’s Bay.”


The Battle at Demon’s Bay
By Tuatha Ulrecht
Written in Cillandrial Pentameter, on location of the brave deeds described within the verse itself!


A fine Celn ship sailed in the sea
Something had gone wrong; it wasn’t me!
The winds raged and the sea caps foamed
True, I was having camembert and brie…

Cap’n Cellinor stayed the course ahead
His spyglass spied the Isles of Dread.
As night approached his anchors splashed
The voyage wine was a lovely red.

Inside the water rushed through seam
Rugged coral had rent the hardy beams
While Andril, Frank and others fixed.
I saw the demons fly on wings!

While I alone saw to the flooding hull
Heroism of this caliber is never dull.
An ale or two to bide the strength
To stoke the embers inside my skull.

Areia awoke then and she did see.
Demons in flight brought suffering.
Her beloved friends fought for her life
With spell and sword and bravery.

Frank de Valley fought the birds
Andril the Ill Robed whispered magic words
Thrak the Mighty threw out his axe
Ariea tried something she had heard.

From out her pocket, she would cast
Chunks of fish, cut all in half
Or sideways, or in strips with rice and bean
Celn sushi never had such a noble task!

But lo! The demons, foul and wise
Set upon another, with sparkling eyes
For if you saw, the robe I mentioned ‘fore
You’d know to call it well suited would be lies!

They then carried Andril out to sea!
Having saved the ship, I rushed up with glee
The mighty lizard swimming there
With wounded mage brought back to me.

Now thus we’re safe, and thanks once more
To the battle waged upon this shore
A small sacrifice of ale and cheese
Our deeds will now be part of lore!





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