A Crimson Shore, FAR REALM, 9.2 Olo-rah’n and the Creation of the Ata’uahn People


This story was written in the journal of Horst, a druid who first made contact with the Ata’uan, some years ago on the first Isle of Dread discovered by the first expedition west from Celn lands.

            When the world was new, great and mighty Olo-rah’n lay buried in the rock and mud of the earth asleep.  After many ages, he awoke and alone, decided to create that which would be on the surface of the world that would entertain him while he walked the lands, swam the seas, and flew in the skies of his creation.  Olo-rah’n used his breath to give life to these creations, or creatures.  In time, he returned to his sleep.  In order to sustain their life while he lay still, he created the Sun to give them warmth each day.  Thus, Olo-rah’n created Man, Woman and the animals, and nourished them with light.  He was so amused that he spent his time on the surface observing them and watching the many things they did many times before his slumbers.  Olo-rah’n greatly desired to tell these beings that he enjoyed their company so that He, even the mighty Olo-rah’n would not spend his time on the surface alone.

          So once, while Olo-rah’n the mighty was awake, he revealed himself to his creations, to the people of the land.    However, when the Men gazed on him and saw his many wonders they were overcome with envy.  Instead of thanking him for the breath of life in their substance, they instead grew jealous, and tried to make themselves better in form and function, just like he was. Why had he kept the best things for himself?  After many attempts they were unsuccessful, but one Man, a man whose name is no longer spoken, observed the various animals one day and created a plan. He watched the birds, and fish and insects and realized that a secret of power was given to each. 

To the mighty ant, strength.

To the fish, the ability to swim in the seas,

 and to the bird, the gift of flight.

          It was then, that this Man came to each of the animals, offering his power of Flame and ingenuity.  Tricking them into believing he would share his knowledge with them, he stole their powers and gave it to Men and Women of his village, making them much more than they were.  He then created strange and abominable  beasts, a mixture between man and animal in many forms.  The many creatures that the tribe sees today  are the descendants of these. (As the party watches the event, they see dancers wearing masks of what seems to be the sahuagin as well as two headed ape-like beasts, horrid women with legs and wings of a vulture, and many others).

          Alas, Olo-rah’n watched all this from below and began to realize that these petty creatures had become too powerful. They had only needed to ask, but they took. He was angry that they had manipulated his creations.  So he awoke once more and coming to the surface, became struck by the hideous beings he saw.  Men had ruined the trees, the stone and the ore of the earth were taken. Even their own bodies did man change and deform. These men  soared in the skies, and used their new powers to rape the land of it’s wholesomeness.  In rage, he blocked out the Sun taking their life force and made new animals, hideous versions of the older ones.  In order to give these new deadly things a sustaining energy without the Sun, he created the Three Moons.  One for the creatures of the Sea, one for the Creatures of the Land, and one for him so that all Beings of the Surface world would remember why they were being punished.

The Men of the earth  and Olo-rahn’s new beasts fought a great battle, and in the end much death came to pass.  With the sun’s demise, many of the Men lost their “life” and became shells of substance, morbidly wandering the land devoid of their humanity (Here the party sees a group of young children dressed like zombies meandering through the storytelling area).

          Few survived the Great War, and nearly all the world was annihilated by it’s destruction, but finally Olo-rah’n’s thirst for punishment was quenched.  As he was about to return to his sleep, satiated after a large battle, he passed a Mother crying for the loss of her child, wounded on the battlefield.  She had loved her child so much that during the conflict she had taken up a spear and slain the beast which had attacked him.  Nonetheless, it had made a devastating wound in the youth and he would soon perish from the Light of his being.  Taking pity and admiring the woman’s courage, Olo-rah’n decided that as a last act, he would spare the child and breathe the gift of life back into his body. 

Coming to the woman in disguise as a simple man, he told her he would help the child. But at this, the woman lamented and asked him not to.  Surprised by such a request, Olo-rah’n did not understand and inquired of the woman.  She told him there would be no warmth for him to awaken to, and that the people left would one day become either hollowed or fall from the Light forever.  She knew now that she did not want her child to live in such a world.

          At this, Olo-rah’n at last knew that his creation of life, brought not just the evil he had witnessed, but the good as well. Neither the light of man, nor his darkness could exist without the other.  He called back the Sun for the Woman’s tribe, and left the Moons to give power to those abherrant beings to balance life’s many forms.  Because the woman had shown him this truth, he granted her the ability to heal and chose her and her fellow women of the tribe to bring the understanding of this Balance to the people. To this day, these women appear as warriors, communicating their tribal customs and sacred traditions to Olo-rah’n as a sign of their continuing debt.

          Many of the creatures that inhabit the world are still demons from the time when Man tried to steal the power of the animals.  The tribe believes the ancient ruins they see are remainders of those who raped the land and used it’s stone and metal to create large fortresses.  They believe to live simply is Olo-rahn’s way, and that anything else is to bring his wrath once more.  The tribe is familiar with an increasing coming and going of new craft which patrol the waters searching for people to enslave. They know these vessels make Olo-rah’n  angry  and this is why the volcanic activity has been so plentiful.  It is no coincidence then, that when these eruptions begin, often the denizens of the dark become more powerful and noticeable.  Sometimes, even the hollowed remains of those who lived in the ancient times are set free from where they fell in battle and begin to wander, hungering for the flesh of those who live in the Light by the grace of Olo-rah’n, the great and mighty.

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