Into the Wild, The Riders at Alpha ONE SHOT Introduction for Players

In the vast jungles that lie North of the Great Realm of Cellinor lies a jungle, a jungle of incomparable majesty. Once, many years ago, Lord Borindin, the King himself, ventured into it’s gaping clutches and many months later, barely made it out alive.  The stories told of that time and that trip are now legend.  They’ve given rise to the fame of his Chief Archaeologist Duher, his High Commander of Lighted Forces, Luhtger, the famous Champion Mustakrakish, among others.  Each of your many characters, despite you not knowing it, can draw a connection to this trip.  For example, Iricah was in part trained I am told by Duher himself, before events that took her life path elsewhere.   For Thrak, legends hold of other lizardfolk that dwell there, long since separated from their western kin.
And many years ago, but some many years after that first trip by the King, a group of adventurers known as The Twilight Force (yes that was their name for Brittany variable and for they had been drunk the night they named themselves, in reality and in their imaginary guise as characters, because hello brewing ale) ventured into the borders of this jungle.  They established a land grant, founded a township, and made the best damn ale this side of the Annuine river.
But trouble caught up to them, and they discovered more powerful forces in the world, and within themselves as well.  And one night, quite beyond their control, a force the likes of which the world hadn’t seen in a millenia, was sent to destroy them, once and for all for reasons at the time, they were just starting to understand.
That night, as you will recall, I told you that the Trebian forces, led by a group of figures that you couldn’t see well enough (based on your exact perception rolls at the time) but particularly a woman as well, rode into battle, giving you all the time you needed to do that which is now already done. Later, many years later, the Lords of Carr Alpha, as they had come to be called were found to be the saviors of that township, and were then on known as The Lords of Carr Alpha.  Their deeds became legend, the battle a great victory over “Trebian” forces.
In June, Brittany and Ben are coming to SD, and I would like to invite them, and up to 2-3 others of you who are interested in joining us to tell that story.  I don’t know what will happen, but I know that even a TPK will lead to something that then ties into the story.  Or perhaps, we will end our 2-3 night one shot session by finding out who the mysterious riders were, the brave souls who sacrificed their lives so that Heroes could rise against the darkness, without so much as a ballad from Tuatha Ulrecht, or either of his nephews Jethro, or Buddy Elton.
I mean who knows, maybe the Lords of Carr Alpha will make an appearance or two. I suppose one never knows.
Anyone interested in this one shot, let me know.  It’s really meant for 4-5 players, and I’d like to ask you to make level 5 characters with fun and quirky backgrounds but this time I have a twist. What?  Please feel free to play something very different like kenkyu, minotaur, faun, other halves etc, or play human, elf, dwarf, halfling, etc. No elementals or subterranean races though please. , etc. HOWEVER, you must all be of the same race. Good and neutral alignment ok.
Once I have determined what your race is, your classes and a bit about your characters, I will be writing an adventure around that which tries to give your character as much choice as possible, but that has a clear set of goals (as any good one shot must).
Thank you.
The management.

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