A Ruthless Frontier AKRA: 1.4 Roll Your Save, Dave.

“They’re coming!” Yelled Theros.  His crimson robes fluttered around his ankles.  He quickly glanced up to the next flight of stairs, and then spun around the room weighing his options. “We’ll not make it.  We’ll be sitting targets!”

“Furniture! We need good furniture in this space.” Yelled Gerrell in his tinny voice.  He glanced down from Ares’ shoulders and for a split second Theros looked at him like he was crazy.  “What I mean, my pale-skinned friend is we need to move the furniture towards the portcullis. Barricade it! That will at least buy us some time.” He hung on to Ares’ shoulders, slipping  a bit on his scales but nonetheless barking orders and pointing to where Ares should move such and such.  Ares obeyed and went to move a table away from the wall and over to the gate. All too soon, they could hear the sounds of large footfalls below.

“They’re coming!” yelled Gerrell, ‘Hurry!”

Theros moved over to grab a side of the table and that’s when he noticed that the stone wall behind it moved!  At first he thought it was possibly just his imagination, after all it was the outside wall to the fortress and no doubt at least 2 yards thick with stone. He stuck out his hand.  Incredibly, the wall shimmered and fluttered in his hands, like a drape, painted exactly to match the stonework.  “What magic is this?” He said, and without thinking he lifted up the bottom and crawled underneath it, except for his head which he poked towards the others. Behind him, was a narrow corridor hidden to the outside chamber. A secret room! he cried in his mind. He motioned to the others. Gerrell and Ares both saw his head sticking out from the base of the wall, but Gerrell put it together quickly.  He called for Ares to move over there and under the drapes. The last of his mighty tail pulled back under it in just the right time before the hooded figure came to the portcullis.  Inside and behind the secret room, they found that they could see outwards of the drape, although no one could see in. Clearly magical, they held their breath and watched as the figure directed the two monstrous ice trolls up to the next landing.

Ares breathed out, and a little flame blew towards the drape.  Theros flicked it out with a finger and a nod to the gnome as if to say, “Let’s not go adding more problems.” That was when they saw the sword, and the chest upon a shelf on the wall. For this was a treasure room. Although they wouldn’t know it then, it was also an escape room for the captain of the guard. A man who had not trusted easily, he had often hid here, and watched his underlings, observed them.  Now, they saw a shining and glimmering steel blade behind them, on a rack a hat hung, a ring lay upon a shelf, simple enough yet brilliantly shiny.  There too was a pair of boots. Leather, not extravagant, and yet they looked well made, elvish perhaps. Gerrell sensed the mark of magic.  Ares eye’s were drawn to the sword and he held it up before his face and smiled.  His eyes sparkled at the weapon.  Although he was a sorceror, he knew this was an incredible sword.  Theros found that the boots fit him and tried them on to his delight. They were perfect. As if they had been made for his feet.  The hat and the ring were taken by Gerrell, who grabbed them off the shelf while sitting on the dragon man’s head.

That was when Ares heard a voice.

“Hello Dave.”

“Who said that?!” Whispered the sorceror.

“Said what you great fool?!” said Gerrell, “Shhh!!…The only person speaking is you!. Now you stop before we’re discovered.”

“Dave.  Hello Dave.  Can you hear me?  It’s Pal.”


Meanwhile, Theros had slipped out from under the magical drape.  Gerrell had tried to stop him, but Theros was gone.  Once out of sight, Ares looked at Gerrell and whispered, “I’m staying put! We barely even know that guy. Let him be found by the hooded figure.  She doesn’t even know how many of us there are? We’ll let her cook him in her pots, and once she’s gone, leave with her none the wiser.

Oh Dave, that is really not something that would help the mission would it?

“To Ket with you, you blighted sword.  I wish I’d never picked you up! I’m staying put and there’s nothing you can do about that!” Spoke the sorceror in his mind, and he knew he had been heard.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to do that, Dave,” spoke the gentle voice in his mind.

“STOP SAYING THAT!” roared Ares. He was pacing back and forth in the confined space.

Gerrell immediately tried to place both hands over his mouth to stifle his voice.  “Shhhh, you’re going to get us killed!” The gnome barked in s harsh whisper.

Dave, I rather think you are ignoring me here,” the sword told him.  “I’d like you to go after your friend, so he isn’t hurt. I think we both know that’s the right thing to do, here. Don’t you?

“I don’t have friends you mother of a dog! I’m chaotic evil!” yelled Ares, but it sounded more like muffled cries, as Gerrell wrapped as much of his hands, and arms around the mouth as possible.



“Dave. I’m your pal.”

“I’m going to torch you, you….,” growled the sorceror.

“I would never ask you to do anything not in your best interest.  I’ve been created to help you, Dave.”

“You were created to curse me with your infernal thoughts, you bastard! AND I’M NOT DAVE YOU FLAME FODDER!!”

“Dave. I’m putting myself to the greatest possible use here. Which is I think all any conscious entity can ever hope to accomplish.”




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