Thunder’s Cats, An ALIND One Shot Adventure for Ben, Brittany and Co. Part 1: The Trebian Creation Myth

The Trebian Creation Myth and the Story of the Destruction of Kasil

In the first days of the world, there sprang from the Earth, the Great Tree of Yggrasil.   From it’s first boughs, like fruit, grew the major civilized races of our world.  The humans, dwarves, and elves.  The tree was like their Mother, and so they worshipped it. Their power was not only in the might of their hands and [muscles] but in the force of their will [mental power].  Thus grew the first magics.  And in time, the races grew and spread among the lands, and they prospered.  harnessing this energy of both the body and mind. In time, these races grew powerful in knowledge.

Together, they became a people of advanced magic and healing arts and weapons, of great buildings, monuments and craft of the seas and the land and even of the skies (meaning translates into “ship”). What they gave to the gods in worship, they received back unto themselves. These people were the [Kasillians]. But, as every race that thrives in abundance, others slaved for them.  Beneath the Earth, they labored, night and day in darkness to make the great power of the [Kasillian Empire]. They there in darkness did not receive the benefits of their toil. Those above were like masters to them. Their creators, and those races were the goblins, the orcs and the other foul races of darkness.  For the power of Kasil came from both the light and the darkness then.  And this Dark Realm was called [Ket], and their great empire lived deep and at the bottom of the Earth.  Erebus in the shallow realms, and Tartarus in the deeper realms where dwelt those which even the surface world knew not of.

The great realm of Kasille was guarded and governed by 7 Gods, for  each of the major [parts] of Mankind’s will.  The people gave worship and thus grew the might of these Seven governing Mankind’s affairs.  For Man’s incessant curiosity was The Trickster, known by many names. The Hero, for mankind’s courage or cowardice.  For His sacrifice or pride was the Dying God whom went by many names and stories.  For mankind’s envy or generosity came Atropos, The First Fate. The second Fate, Clothos, represented mankind’s lust, his desire to perservere. The third fate represented Man’s inherent wrath or peacefulness. Finally, each God was [presided over] by the most powerful of them all, The Great Mother, who represented love, and man’s inherent compassionate nature.  The realm thrived on worship to each god, and each god was kept in balance.  Three boughs above for Mankind’s quest, the masculine, and three below for Mankind’s need to be rooted, the feminine. Finally, the [trunk] represented by the Great Mother, the most powerful. Mankind split into his seven primal parts.

In order to serve the Gods, 12 beings of immeasurable power were created. The great Serpents.  6 pairs to represent the female and masculine of each.  Two of Gold, Two of Silver, Two of Steel, Two of Bronze, Two of Copper, and Two of Platinum.

Through the people’s worship,  all things flourished for those of [Gaia, surface], and thus  the land was kept in balance.

But in a single cataclysmic event, the world was torn from a place of peace to a place of utter chaos. For the balance the tree had given to Mankind had nearly destroyed it’s “roots”. Great floods swept through the land and the deluge of mud destroyed the vast empire’s beauty and serenity. The great monuments and structures of that time were buried completely to become the crawling places of those that shy from the light. The world was in ruin.  The great Gods diminished. 

The three moons came into being then, and the Sun was blocked for a generation. This woke the denizens of Ket, who had grown angry at their masters and now saw their chance to rise in the Darkness of the lands above.

In order to safeguard themselves, the Kasillians built 12 great arks, each to be protected by one of the mighty Wyrms, each to protect the Kasillian races during the [Darkening], when the slave hordes of Ket would finally rise against their masters. In order that the might of the Kasillian race should not fall into the hands of the Demons of Ket, each of the six Gods was given a branch of the great tree of Yggdrasil, a portion of Mankind’s power.  Each were fastened into great [torches], one of gold, one of copper, one of silver flame, one of bronze, one of platinum and one of steel.  Each God was also tasked with using their remaining power to seal their arks, against the invading hordes.

However, the task of [walking the path] was reserved for the Great Mother and only to three of them, but not the Fates.  The Dying God was chosen for man’s sacrifice to each other. The Trickster for his curiosity in opening the arks once more.  The Hero for his courage to walk the path.

But to the Three fates, was only given the task of sealing their arks, and relinquishing their power back to mankind.

The Gods, diminished as they were after the cataclysm and war, knew this would risk their immortality. Thus, when the time came, three of the Gods, Atropos, Clothos, and Lachesis, each representing the female of Mankind, chose to keep the darkened path of their beings, and refused to relinquish their power.  They did not seal their ark, but betrayed Mankind.  For each of the 6 arks they guarded had now become tombs.

The others, without the knowledge of what the Three had done, gave up their power, and sealed their arks.  But, in time, the Ketians invaded the world, and finding the arks sabotaged, wiped the Kasillian race from the surface of the world forever. 

The Great Serpents for whom represented the male, could not guard the arks without their female partners, who had now become twisted and corrupted. Nor could they conquer them, as these great Serpents had now grown in the might of a darker power, of black, and red, blue, and green, white and brown.

And thus was the might of Kasille obliterated by the Darkened races of Ket. 


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