A Light in the Darkness PROLOGUE

A Light in the Darkness, D&D Campaign and Storyline

ALIND Prologue

As you sleep fitfully, a dream worms it’s way into your mind. You toss and turn, while anxiety fills you. You hear a familiar voice, but you can’t see anything yet, too blurry, fuzzy, dark. 

A noisy background.  People talking. Voices you should not be able to understand, but you can.  You listen to an emotion ladened dialogue.  In the background, you sense danger, motion, change is happening.  A sort of screeching sound echoes, somewhere.  It builds to a crescendo in your ears. You think you won’t be able to stand it any longer, but it won’t go away.  Perhaps it’s in the distance, or below you, it feels like it’s within you and all around you.  It scares you.  In the fogginess of the dream you try to take in details, but things are too blurry to do so.  You can see nothing. Shadows of dull hues…

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