A Crimson Shore 21.2 A Time of Prosperity

Areia’s landing began to prosper in the summer of their first year as governors.  The Ceillini Brothers made many appearances in and around their harbor home.  Meanwhile, the isle became a perfect place to adventure for Thrak the barbarian, Areia the rogue, Zy’an the monk, and Iricah the bard. With an archaeology journal or 4 in her pack, she investigated claims and found new Kasillian treasures beyond her wildest dreams. Frank the once monstrous, now luminous cleric, established order for the Order, and made a prosperous place for those who came to the harbor town to heal, and give worship to the Flame’s radiance.

They soon discovered their island home was the location of countless ruins. In fact, the more they explored, the more they learned that the island appeared as one massive ruined structure. Many adventures were told and detailed in Slimmy’s Bucket. Always, as the Ceillinis, recounting tales of their sometimes friends, The Urchins of Far Realm and Silvershore Fame. Careful to avoid suspicious eyes, the adventures were always from a time past, from a different isle.  Nah’na continued to harass them, but feed them well.  The King’s troops came and went, and their appointed officers did their duties.  Tuatha was banned from the isle, and returned to Cillandar where he sung of their glory, for they had warned him of their wrath should he not.

Governor Canton visited once or twice, and there was a regal feast and combats in the Festival of the Fall tournaments.  Taryn’s Bane was held in a nearby isle but they didn’t partake this time.  As Thrak put it, “One pub crawl is enough to make my skin crawl.” That was good news to two little brownies named Ding and Dong, who won the contest easily.  Since that time, they had worn their medals around their necks, dragging the large platinum pieces wherever they went.  That didn’t go over well with Zy’an as he meditated, or Iricah while she studied. Frank tried once to capture them as he prayed. Pretending to be withdrawn and involved with the divine essence of the Flame, he suddenly cast a spell to stun them but discovered to his horror that spells did not seem to work on them as they should.  This opened a month of Ding and Dong’s constant irritation, in the form of shouting, “Shoot here! Shoot here” whenever he was just about to concentrate on a task.

All the while, they searched and listened for word of Fritz, or for the outcomes of the battle between good prince Garondin the day they were rescued on First Isle. But no word ever came. Despite Bordindin’s warnings, they had no interference by Sasser forces, and since they had no reason to interfere in theirs, they considered their business and that of the warring nations, not important to their own success. Nor did they find the location or whereabouts of Andril and Haryk or learn of more than their disappearance.  So many mysteries were still in front of them, but onward they explored, and led their island community.  It prospered and before long, they knew wealth that they only dreamed of once upon a time.

Despite the prosperity, Iricah studied long into the night, certain that the answers to the questions she first found in Enceladus were just out of reach in the next parchment scroll, or tomb’s mural.

One day while investigating a particularly deep complex that Iricah had hoped might still be intact, they made a discovery that confirmed their worst fears, and gave them many new questions. Deep within a complex that had been sealed and sealed well from treasure hunters, they found a simple Kasillian complex of rooms, and in them, a model unlike any they had seen, or heard of.

The model was laid out upon an entire room, and featured what looked like 12 floating cylindrial structures held aloft by some magic.  Iricah spent night after night, trying to understand what it could be, trying to piece together the clues. And then one night, while alone in her study, it came to her.

Thrak had come in to hide in her study hall, chased by the two sprites who had been trying to determine, out loud, whether or not his tail would grow back, if they removed it in his sleep. Shutting the door behind him, she sighed frustratedly when her candle went out. “Thrak! Blast you, the light’s gone out.”

Thrak, simply glad for peace of mind for the briefest of moments replied, “It’s not the light that one needs sometimes, but the time.”

A part of Iricah’s mind began to twist and turn.  Hastily, she ran to her map scrolls and laid out the largest of them on the floor. Thrak watched in wonder,  muttering something about human curiosity.

“That’s it Thrak! You big beautiful lizard you!” She stood and walked back to her journal and her sketchings of the model they had found.  “For the Sake of All.  You couldn’t hide in space. So you hid somewhere else.”

“It’s time,” called Nah’na from outside the door.  “Dinner is served you boys!”

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