Our Current Campaign

Our current campaign, A Crimson Shore, is nearing it’s end! You can follow our adventures over the last year by reading any of the A CRIMSON SHORE posts.

The players are and have been amazing, fun, and creative.  And did I mention lucky? With a DM rolling in front of the screen, it hasn’t been easy either.

There’s still loads to play, but the finale is in sight. Who will survive? Who will become a hero? We’ll have to see!

The party is:

Tavish: Tavish plays Thrak Yak, with his sack of snacks, a lizardfolk barbarian.  Thrak lost his tail in a near death experience.

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn plays Iricah, the bard archaeologist with a magical shovel and a thirst for research. Can you dig it?

Spencer: He of the magnificent beard plays Frank, a teifling Cleric of the Order of Flame whose mentor was a gold dragon disguised as an old blind man. It’s complicated.

Adrian: The Aasimar Way of the Long Death monk has been invaluable in keeping all these people alive. And he has shadowy wings too!

Chris: Playing Andril the mage, Chris invented the phrase that has saved his ass many times, sometimes while his ass was nude (in the game of course).

“I cast magic missile.” 

Andrew: As Lord Haryk, Andrew commands respect on the battle field (and he always has snacks hidden. Seriously, just look next to his bag by the table. You’ll see them)


Hanah: As Areia the rogue, Hanah gave a real spirit to the campaign early on. It’s been a privilege hosting game night and hearing “Stabby stab stab” whenever her turn comes around. Although she plays with us from time to time via Skype, we miss her here at the table.



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