A Crimson Shore 32.2 The Lords of Three Harbors Go To War

Thrak, whom nearly all had forgotten was an experienced sailor, took the wheel towards stern, while Fritz shouted orders. It didn’t seem to matter that the vessel was Sarasin. Thrak looked to be in his element. Ian, the ranger turned captain, led a group of men to the bombardment decks and prepared the cannon. The others, stood with the soldiers staring at the inlet where smoke and fire covered the sounds of shrieks and shouting. Slowly but surely, equipment was found and brought up from belowdecks, and within a few minutes, each had something resembling a weapon, and something resembling a shield as well.

“There! The green and gold of Cellinor still flies!” Shouted Frank. He pointed to a single flag, surrounded by heavy smoke.  Below it, seemed a few masts belonging to perhaps one or two ships.  But these were surrounded by a dozen or more Sarasin ships. Each seemed to be pounding away with their cannon. Boarding ladders stuck out of the clouds of the cannon smoke, searching for a spot to land.

To answer Frank, a horn sounded from the battle. It was the horn of the prince. Lord Genoran’s horn!

“The golden flag waves! To the flag!” Yelled Fritz and the men and women aboard roared in answer.



under construction…

Genoran’s ship and only two others really holding their own against a far superior force. One ship, is far more massive than any other Sasser ship you have seen. Each ship, about a dozen of the normal sized seem to coordinate together perfectly. ½ of them turn to attack Genoran and his two flag ships. The other ½ turn to face the newcomers, led by Fritz and your ship.


Encounter 1: Sasser boarding force.

One giant cloaked figure. Essentially a shadow coordinates them all. If they dump damage on it, it disappears, and another grows to direct.

15 sasser forces. 3 mages, 2 clerics, 4 monks, 6 barbarians raging (twin battle axes)


Sasser deaths: gelatinous goo (con check 21), exploding blast (dex check 21), possession (char check), stone (dex or con save, or weapon is stuck)

Thrak and Zy’an fall over board. Fighting in the water.


“You care only for yourself. There is power in that. Join me.”

“You will never survive the darkening. Side with me. And you will rule for 4000 years.”


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