His Majesty’s Service, Join us in our 3rd ALIND Campaign!

The new campaign has begun and boy do we have  a doozy.

The player characters are:

Kaitlyn as Onyx the female human rogue. Onyx has come to the capitol city Cillandar. Why? We haven’t a clue yet! What do we know? She puts a lot of d6s in her hands for one.

Tavish is Timbol Thymbal III, a gnome artificer with a secret laboratory under the city. Once a proud noble, now Timbol has found his most prized possession. But is there something else that he really wants? Timbol has a Charisma problem (there are no dump stats). His “friendship algorithm” doesn’t work all the time, but so far so good.

Spencer as Gareth, the half-drow bard. A mystery to us, only revealed in three sealed envelopes at the right time of the campaign. Even the DM doesn’t know who this freaking guy is!

Brittany as Foo the enchanted bunny druid. That’s right, she is playing a rabbit, cursed, on purpose. We’re just glad she isn’t turning herself into logs yet.


Ben as Altair Wynter, the battleborn (possibly warforged but we haven’t gotten there in the story yet). Altair just “activated” and apparently he’s quite popular.

His Majesty’s Service follows the campaign storyline from Into the Wild, and A Crimson Shore. For those adventures, feel free to search and find the storyline here.

But whatever you do, don’t miss what these 5 are going to do. I have asked each to roll secondary characters. Who will die first? Last? Will anyone not become a squirrel? I know the answer to only one of those questions…

Join us on our adventures as I, the DM, narrate them and post them here!


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