The Adventures of COVIDMAN! Part 1

The Adventures of Covid-man

By: unicorn Vaz

They’re a boy, a boy that has the power to save people, but not just from getting run over, but something even scientists didn’t even find out About until recently! he can save people with Covid! his name is……Covid-man! The superhero who can do almost anything! Let me tell you about his (dun dun duuuuun!) his super powers! His belt is kinda like a weapon belt! it’s full of hand sanitizer and gloves AND masks, oh and also medicine. His first mission is where the most Covid is…….. India (they’re are about 800,000 cases) (the next story will be in the USA) Here’s the Summary! he flew to India feeling ALL the more awful– the more cases he saw. He was talking to the people who were trying to stop it. He told them to go and he will take good care of them. All of a sudden with his senses, CovidMAn saw there was a giant who was making everyone even more sick, deathly sick! Covid man is nOt going to let that happen! So he fought him. It was a tough fight using most of his hand sanitizer and soap. he defeated the COvids and found their weaknesses! Some people survived but the ones that had already spread are still in the Hospital. Until next time HE WILL SAVE ALL!! I hope you enjoy this First COmic BOOK, until again fellow citizens goodbye! THE END!

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