A Crimson Shore

Welcome to the Crown’s Isles! A vast set of interconnected islands centered around one larger “jewel”, the Island of Xiladros.  Named for it’s resemblance to a Crown, these isles are an important part of the Known Realm and of the Celn Empire. The Crown gives shelter between the sister cities of Cellione and Cillandar, as well as a place for various markets to sell their sea wares.  Many of the inhabitants are native to the southern lands, and many native to Cellinor.  This makes the Crown a place of diversity but breeds superstition as many different races and cultures converge here.  Not much attention is paid to the Crown’s Isles as little seems to change from beyond the Great Western Sea. However, that is about to change. And with change comes to a new destiny for those willing to go after it.

            This is the situation your party finds itself in. You are essentially, in a moment before the storm, both literally and figuratively.  This moment has been outlined for you in “Dispatch to the Crown’s Isles”.  Somehow, each of you has come to the Ring of Islands just off the Coast of Cellinor Major,  for various reasons. Most of them will have related to trade, to seamanship of one kind or another. But, more nefarious things happen in the Isles and maybe you’ve been a part of them.  These isles are after all, teeming with those who have secrets to hide.  Just be careful to keep them to yourself, you wouldn’t want a High Inquisitor to begin an Investigation! Perhaps, you are  a Celn yourself, or perhaps a member of the southern tribes.   Regardless of your background, one thing that each of you has in common is that you have all shown interest in one day attempting what is known as the Great Odessey, the until now unsuccessful attempt to cross the Still Waters to the Unknown West, and return.  One such attempt is told in tales in local taverns. It is the Tale of the Sea Drake.

            Adventurers in the thread of A Crimson Shore, must be willing to explore a brave new world.  They may decide to work with the King perhaps as sworn SHIELD members, or decide to work without him.  They may find alliances abroad they wish to align themselves with, fight against, or battle for.  Many potential choices await them, with both adversaries and allies waiting to see where their ultimate motivations will lie.

            Please read the following brief narratives and determine how you came to the Crown, and came to be on the island of Xiladros.  If you are not a member of the Celn Nation, or a member of the Southern tribes, then you must have a really good reason why you are there. The more exotic your character, the rockier path you may have or simpler depending on how those in the Isles perceive you.  I advise you to read the Celn Gazetteer  prior to character creation.

            Good luck, and welcome to what hopefully will not be a too Crimson Shore!


Mysterious islands, colonies in inhospitable lands, and an advanced civilization with ill intentions for Cellinor!  This campaign features adventures on and off ships with large scale implications not just for the party, but for the realm they came from.  What will they do?

Read about A Crimson Shore in the following parts:

A Crimson Shore, Introduction and Background

ACT I, Six Gold Coins

ACT 2, Isles of Dread

ACT 3, Beyond the Still Waters

ACT 4 (incomplete)

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