My name is Thomas and I run a Dungeons and Dragons group here in San Diego. The postings here refer to that game but they are original and copyrighted works of fiction written by me, unless specified in the text as a contribution from a player. Some of the stories feature ideas and story elements from published D&D adventures and other rpg sources such as Dungeon Magazine. However, each is tailor made under the world of ALIND, and so much has been changed and is different.

ALIND is the story of a unique fantasy world where the magicked, divine and otherworldly aspects to the fantasy genre are in a way, explained through reality and history.  It composes 6 different stories which you can read about in four ACTs apiece. Much of the story itself, and the settings I create are taken from historical places that I’ve had the privilege of visiting.

To start, if interested, I recommend reading “Tiresias the Sage”. This short piece should help you get a sense of what ALIND is really all about.  Afterwards, the Gazetteer materials are information related to the player’s backgrounds and lore for the stories that are then played by our group.  There are 4 Gazetteer parts if you are interested in reading through these.  Much is still a work in progress as we build the world through table gaming, so please notice blank areas as “works in progress”.

The stories, 1. A Crimson Shore, 2. His Majesty’s Service, 3. Into the Wild, 4. A Ruthless Frontier, and 5. Heart of Darkness are  five parallel running campaign/stories. As played, none of the members of our group knew much of the others, so there are interesting side connections in each story. Each features a new set of heroes, but all feature the same time period in and around Cellinor and many characters and villains can be found in more than one story line. Not all have been finished, and so you will see them published here in the order that they are run, and after I narrate them.

Finally, a final story thread, Shadows of Edessa, is currently a separate storyline who’s time period/setting are not fully understood or known by the various players in ALIND.  Feel free to check out what I’ve posted so far for clues!

Not all work is published well, so I appreciate your understanding.  Feel free to comment wherever you would like, and join in our adventures by reading any or all of the A Light in the Darkness CANON.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thomas Courtney

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