“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

“When hell freezes over.”

“The light shone in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Copyright 2008 Thomas Courtney, Tom Courtney

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Campaign

Welcome to Cellinor! Known as “The Realm” to it’s citizenry, Cellinor is the Light in the Darkness of a world without a memory.  A world that does not understand it’s own past, or for that matter understand it’s own future. It is a world that knows of a destruction so powerful that it nearly annihilated every civilized race, and yet left few records as to what occurred.  

The Realm  is growing, and bringing peace and prosperity to many and yet it is still deadly and mysterious. Outside of the Realm the lands are much worse; they can be savage and wild, brutal or beautiful, and they are chocked full of adventure and discovery.  Ruins and ancient monuments protrude from hillsides, and it’s more common to stumble across something from the “Old Time” than not doing so.  Even in the Known Realm itself where “civilization” is but a few generations young, the Old Time, the time before the End Days, manifests itself in ruin, brick and stone, recycled  and built upon for modern use. The truth is, even commoners know that the New Age, the Celn Age, is not as sophisticated as that of the Old, the time of Kasille. Kasille is named after the few deciphered monoliths scattered amongst the world. The Kasillians were an empire of many races, prosperous and advanced, who either annihilated themselves, or came to some doom the like of which is hard to imagine. And yet, the evidence is all around but the clues are scattered and do not yet tell the tale.   People search for lost knowledge and lost artifacts that can’t be made in current times. Magic and technology are the trade of those brave enough to search.  And many do, for the risk is great but so is the reward. Others fear what is discovered may lead to a new doom. The mystery of what happened to these ancient civilizations remains a secret. But that mystery is beginning to unravel to you!

What is known is that once there was an ancient and powerful civilization that was brought to ruin by an unknown cataclysm, the End Days. Too much time has passed, and the truth of what was before, and why it was destroyed has been filled with superstition, rumor and perhaps, exaggeration. That empire and its secrets have now been reclaimed by the primordial forces of nature and lost to the knowledge of men.  The wilds are simply too savage a place to explore for these answers, unless you’re willing to risk your life and maybe more.

A hundred generations have passed since that time .and now a single Kingdom shines as a beacon of light for the land. The inhabitants of this kingdom love their king who has faithfully defended their borders and now ensures peace and prosperity for all citizens.  This is not an easy task since the few major cities are built upon the ruins of ancient ones, and these are scattered in the wilderness adjacent to the resources large groups of people need to survive and to thrive.  Only a lone highway, the King’s Highway, connects them as it meanders through still inhospitable and ruthless wilderness.  Fiefdoms outside the major cities exist by means of a lord and a protective garrison. While most do quite well, it is not uncommon to hear of one that has been taken back by the evils of the Wilds.  In many ways, the entirety of the Known World is a vast belt stretching from East to West.  Above, lay the Forbidden Lands, below the Empire lie the Lands of Ice and Night.  Even the bravest of explorers do not return from these lands.  The mere mention of either is enough to send commoners into panic.

Unbeknownst to the common folk however, this kingdom is under dire threat from secret enemies within as well.  The king’s loyal servants have been ordered to seek out brave souls who would aid the defense of the kingdom. Some in secret, and some in leadership roles. Others search for the knowledge of what led to the End Days, and to the meaning of the coming signs, which point to yet another unyielding end for the Lighted Folk, The Darkening!

Your heroes can help Lord Borindin, and the Celn Empire, or they can help themselves or other allies.  Regardless of your motivations, the Darkening comes for all.  For as they say in Celn lands “Every wick must reach it’s end”.  Will you fight to keep the flame alive? Or will you prepare for the Darkness? Consider these adventure motivations carefully. You and your party will choose one to begin and change or keep your allegiances depending on your actions and decisions!

TO CONTINUE, Find A Light in the Darkness, Gazetteer 1 of 4 on the front page…

The ALIND Gazetteer is published in 4 parts because of it’s size.

Gazetteer 1 is the background, setting, maps, politics and very important texts and mythology of the Realm of Cellinor and the areas around it.

Gazetteer 2 is all of the Introductory stories and background information given to players before each campaign thread (there are 6 under the umbrella of ALIND).

Gazetteer 3 is short stories featuring PCs and NPCs of the campaigns.

Gazetteer 4 are the NPC, PC, and Monster Folios for the campaigns and also a glossary of ALIND terminology. For DMs there is a “BASIC” section in the back to help you.