Heart of Darkness


An ache.  A deep ache. Pain. Heat where it shouldn’t be.  Stiff. Why aren’t you moving?

 In your neck. In your back. In your legs, Your arm turned strangely. Something feels swollen.


What is that noise?  Is it dark or are your eyes still closed? Bringing the hand that doesn’t feel swollen to your face, you realize that indeed your eyes are open. It must be pitch black here.

But where the Light is here? And why does so much of you hurt? It feels like hundreds of tiny needles are poking at your skin from underneath, your head feels lower than the rest of your body, and your limbs feel twisted.  Numb. Moving them will take some doing.


That sound? It’s all around you. A crunching noise, but mixed with something else.  Something wet, something moist. 

Your other senses begin to interpret the surroundings, perhaps making up for the lack of light.  A smell, coppery, warm, dripping into your mouth. Blood.  Yes, the taste of blood.  You are injured then. But how badly. Your skin is beginning to tingle. The familiar sense of pins and needles are pricking all over you as you wiggle and squirm among the branches, the twisty and sharp branches poking into you from below. Branches?

“Where the Dark am I?”….a voice…from near you.  Someone else is here!  You try to speak, but the words are stuck in your throat.

At the sound of the voice, you hear movement, several directions from all around you creak and crack, and crunch.  And there’s another sound this time.  A soft rasping noise, like that of a hungry animal. 

“What! What is this? Where? What is …” but the voice is cut off this time and in it’s place is a blood curdling scream.  Something, some things have found the voice. Moving among the branches, you hear them pass you, and a sickening stench goes with them.  A smell of death. Nausea washes over you….

“Crunch… squish…drip….drip…..”…

By the light, you breathe. What hell have I awakened to?  As you struggle to control your fear and gain an understanding of what has happened, where you are, you feel around with the hand that is uninjured….the branches are oddly shaped, oddly formed…s long shaft, with a ball shaped ending.  This is no branch.

And instantly you  realize…they’re bones!! You are lying in a jumble of large bones, skulls and femurs clearly outlined by their shape.  And you aren’t alone. 

Whatever is in the dark will be coming for you soon.  And then you’ll be like the others in this place, unless….

Unless, you can somehow find a way to figure out where you are, why you are here, and how the Hells to escape!!

Welcome to the Heart of Darkness!


They thought Ket was a nightmare told to children.  A place of myth.  But now they are there, and getting out is the real nightmare.

Heart of Darkness has not yet been started of completed.  Background materials are published here though on the main page.