His Majesty’s Service

The banners that rest upon the parapet towers above you are caught in a high breeze, fluttering and flickering. They snap and curl back then loosely extend again.  Each gilded leaf and branch, painted among the emerald background of the canvases, gleam in the sun. Periodically, the Tree fully reveals itself, emphasized by the golden rays of sunshine from above. The city bustles with activity, as street vendors sell their wares, and illusionists entertain the various children in the streets lucky enough to spend a copper for amusement. A dwarf whose face is smeared with white makeup, wearing a ridiculous wig and cape dances on the corner of the Plaza of the Heroes, a sign which stands next to him declares the first performance of it’s kind at the Legerdemain Theater, for the “young, old, and with a promise to amuse any known race in Cillandar”.

Welcome to the Jewel of Light, Cillandar, capital city of the Celn Empire!  Cillandar is a thriving metropolis, not unlike Rome or Alexandria in it’s heyday, and there is great need of a variety of services from those that seek adventure.

Will you join the ranks of the branded? Serve the interests of your Lord, Master Borindin himself? Many a mystery awaits you in the environs near the city, and much more within the city itself.  Rumor has it that several large scale magic dealers have been hoarding wares, in defiance of the King’s mandate about magical arms and items.  Also, and despite the peace of recent times, many groups attempt to secure their fortunes through nefarious means; will you make it your work to stop them?

Other missions await you.  Other avenues of exploration.  The Shields are always looking for recruits.  Do you fashion yourself a soldier?  Interested in protecting, serving the Kingdom? Or do you see yourself at the bar, the King’s Chamber Pot perhaps, or the always seedy Rusty Sabre.  Let the adventure come to you. Is that your style?

And finally, the bells toll once again, for the Challenge of Champions has returned.  The bi-annual event of a lifetime for most bands of rugged explorers will be held in just a few months.  You could enter the event, you know.  If you can scrape up the gold that is, for the Challenge is only reserved for the best, and the best never accept watching the contest from the sidelines.   Fame, fortune and all that come with it are on the other side of that victory.  Many try, few actually make it.  Could you be one of them?


His Majesty’s Service features heroes or soldiers of fortune who adventure under the banner of the King. As their power and prestige grows, they are called into higher and higher service, either by the King himself, or due to the nature of their own allegiances and enemies.

His Majesty’s Service is centered on the Capitol city of Cellinor, Cillandar, and features much political intrigue, mythology and NPCs and connections to new adventure abound.

Read about His Majesty’s Service in 5 parts:

His Majesty’s Service Introduction and Background

Act 1: The Lost Lanthorn

Act 2: (not completed)

Act 3: The Fading of the Light

Act 4: Finale!