Into the Wild

Into the Wild Player Background

Do you have what it takes to brave the wilds? What about taming them?.  Do you have what it takes to establish yourselves as Lords?  The King’s Land Act and your recent Inheritance has placed you in a unique position.  Fortune, power and esteem await you in the wilds of the Kingdom. All you have to do is tame them enough to convince your serfs to work, labor and toil for you. Make smart decisions and keep the people in your service, and you can found a township, or perhaps more.

You have recently been given the rights to an abandoned keep on the frontier of a truly inhospitable yet rich and fertile land.  In order to gain access to the land, you must first clear the Keep and take it for yourselves.  But that won’t be easy, and neither will convincing farmers, their wives and their children to join you and make a new home for themselves. 

What awaits you?  A chance to create your own spot on the great Empire’s Map, a chance to construct your own Light in the Darkness.  But the Wilds are no easy place to gain a foothold and holding back the darkness during these times won’t be easy.  You’ll have your hands full with raids and other denizens of the wilderness, and the inner struggles of establishing your colony.  How resourceful can you be? You’ll find out when you head Into the Wild!

Players entering this thread can be of any motivation and should consider race, class and skills very carefully.  This thread is challenging both on the game mat as well as in roleplaying scenarios. 


Into the wild is a campaign arc that begins with the party under seige in a small town on the border called Haven.  Ties into a much larger world of war, and historical significance play into this siege and their actions will determine much of the campaign to come!

The party discovers a land grant which entitles them to begin lordship of a region in the wilds.  There are issues with neighbors and issues with becoming “lordly” abound.  In this campaign, adventure often comes TO the party.

Read about Into the Wild in 5 parts:

Into the Wild Introduction and Background

Act 1: Heroes Indeed

Act 2: Lords of the Northern Cairn

Act 3: The Path of Enlightenment

Act 4: Finale!