Ruthless Frontiers

A Ruthless Frontier: Background

It is a time of war for Cellinor and Lord Borindin.  An uprising among the giant tribes in the south has begun.  The giants are pushing into the fertile Southern Lands and bringing a host of other creatures with them, they have somehow formed alliances, although exactly what those are is still rather unknown to any in the top brass of Borindin’s Lighted Troops.  What is known is that treaties have been broken, and the so called “ambassadors” of various orc and goblin tribes have not been heard from. Cillandar seems to be taking the threats seriously, finally. Finally, Borindin seems to recognize the need to protect it’s citizenry as a top priority instead of scouring the land looking for links to the past.

Refugees have begun seeking help in different areas, more fortified than in other places.  Farmsteads have been lost. The Southern Valley is central to the survival of Celn lands, and to it’s capitol city Cillandar. The King has tolerated the Frontier skirmishes throughout the years, but now full scale war has been waged.  Rumors of martial law has been declared by those caravanning but none of them have come from calm voices.  It is a time of rumor, of fear of pestilence and ambition. War brings death, but it also brings fortunes to the bold.  To the foolish, war can be hell.

This is the moment you find yourselves in the Southern Lands, near the time of the Fair. A gathering each harvest where adventurers come to congregate, and where those peasants brave enough to risk can bring more to their lives than what planting food crops in fertile soil can.

Consideration for players: Players arrive at the annual Fair in the hopes of earning money that could earn them the required fee to Cillandar or Cellione in a caravan of merchants. However, I will allow any backgrounds that don’t make it too difficult to get the group “together”….

Please read the two event stories in the Introduction.  Our adventure for this thread will begin on the way to the annual fair. Character creation will occur in game, so you won’t need to bring anything to the first game. Except dice of course.


Ruthless Frontiers is a campaign set in the Sea of Sands and Frozen wastes of the southern borders.  It is a time of war, and pestilence and on the borders, numerous enemies and machinations tempt the party towards one allegiance or another.

In Ruthless Frontiers, the party can become heroes or villains, leaders of armies, or vigilantes.

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